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Green Light Checklist

If an issue arises, Use this checklist as common practice to source the root of the issue. The following list will allow you to perform a successful cut on your STV®CNC Plasma Table. If the issue persists, contact us at:

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Safety First. Use proper personal protective equipment (PPE)(proper eye & hand protection) to ensure a safe plasma cutting experience when operating your STV®CNC Plasma Table. Apply Powermax® Safety Instructions when operating your Hypertherm® System. Inspect and maintain your system to prevent any safety hazard to allow safe operation. Inspect the area around your STV®CNC Plasma Table to be free and clear in the possible case of over spark from the Torch. Ensure the workspace is free of flammable materials and chemicals. Take the necessary cautionary steps to prevent or minimize your exposure to any possible fumes in the process of cutting. Check for any loose or worn out cables and refer to your Hypertherm® Safety and Compliance Manual for any safety concerns or questions you may have.

To avoid electrical noise interference, it is desirable to properly allow a distance of (6) six feet between your Hypertherm® System & your computer. Keeping your devices on wood or rubber, will help prevent conductivity and if interference persists, you may need to consider installing an 8’ foot Earth Grounding Rod. Look out for any cables that may be coiled up or cables that cross over each other. Signals tend to cross between cables & cause interference. To avoid loss of signal, make sure Ground Cable is not coiled up.

Power ON your Computer, STV®CNC Control box and Hypertherm® Plasma Cutting System. Make sure you are free of possible Hypertherm® fault codes or illuminated LED lights located in the front panel of your system. Avoid any torch misfire by ensuring the Plasma Cutter’s Amperage and Voltage are set to the proper Hypertherm® recommended book settings. Make sure to POWER OFF your Hypertherm® System when changing consumables. Make sure to POWER OFF your Control Box when you plug or unplug cables and motors.

Make sure the Ground cable that travels from the front of your Hypertherm® System is clamped to the waterbed of the table. You may also clip the ground cable directly to the workpiece as you see fit. An exemplary grounding grip point is the edge of the water pan, between the last slat and the frame of the table. To help prevent conductivity and interference, you may need to consider installing an 8’ foot Earth Grounding Rod.

When performing preventive maintenance checks on your Hypertherm® System, turn the power switch OFF, disconnect the power cord, and make sure the gas supply is disconnected before proceeding. Ensure the consumables within your Powermax® Torch are set up properly. Keep your consumables clean & remove any excess gunk or build-up between your consumables. Also make sure of three things:

(1) Install Authentic Hypertherm® Consumables for a Machine Torch and not for a hand torch.

(2) Do not install mis-matched FineCut® and Standard Consumables into your torch.

(3) Inspect your consumables for any signs of excessive wear, burns, cracks or blocked holes.

Make sure your air compressor is supplying above 90 Psi into the Hypertherm® Plasma System; usual suggestions dictate it to be set at 110 Psi or higher. Anything lower than 90 Psi will result in the loss of arc. Make sure you are free of possible condensation, contaminated air, moisture or oil in your air lines/filters. It is recommended to have an Air Dryer on-site to obtain the best air filter quality. This will improve your cut quality and extend the life of your consumables.

The recommended water level for your STV®CNC Plasma table should be right above the slats and making contact with the material. Adding STV® Blue Plasma Quench will help extend the life of your water pans and prevent rust, debris and excess fumes. Knowing evaporation will occur, maintaining an acceptable level of water or submerging your material in water during a cut will help keep the material cool, minimize warping of your metal sheet, reduce the amount of excess fumes and decrease the noise emitted by the Hypertherm® torch.

Open the MyPlasm Software on your computer and ensure that communication between your computer and the STV®CNC Control box is established. In the upper right hand corner of your MyPlasm program, the Communication status should read “Communication OK” in green letters.

Note that if all of the mentioned checkpoints above have been inspected and approved, one will be able to perform a successful cut. In the case, where this is not so, you are more than welcome to recheck your list or please contact us at for a more technical approach on having one of our Support Agents help resolve the issue at hand.

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