STV®CNC is your #1 Manufacturer in Plasma Table Quality, Precision and Lifetime Support. As knowledgeable fabricators, we produce rugged Plasma Cutting Tables that offer faster, cleaner cuts with a precise motion system and a sturdy, heavy-duty build able to support up to a 1” inch steel plate. Our product line consists of prime-selected components and backed by a long list of great features with an affordable price. STVCNC.COM is built on a sturdy, successful platform: STVMotorsports ( We’ve spent the last 10+ years setting a high standard in race-proven parts, accessories, custom fabrication and manufacturing. With years of experience, our staff has always provided exceptional service and support. We have gained recognition in the race community as well as a worldwide customer base that have come to expect our high-quality products and manufacturing as a standard. Having performed greatly in the CNC Industry, we ventured into building our own CNC plasma tables to facilitate production. STV®CNC is the new name that is backed by rich beliefs & U.S. Manufacturing. STV®CNC is laying the foundation to creating a new era of backing the working individual with the ideal tools to launch one forward into success. STV®CNC, bringing manufacturing back home.

The STVCNC Plasma tables include all these features: 
+ Free Class Training at our Facility in Las Vegas or Remotely
+ Easy-to-use “MyPlasmCNC” software package, licenses included with free updates and unlimited users.
+ Automatic Torch Height Control (THC)
+ Automation Wiring
+ Modular Water pans and 2″inch flat bar slats
+ Advanced cable management
+ Stepper Motor system
+ USB connectivity
+ Assembled Gantry (X-Axis)
+ Assembled Linear Guides with dual ball-bearing carriages (Y-Axis)
+ Billet Precision Ball Lead Screw (Z-Axis)
+ 1 Year Warranty (Additional Years available)
+ Lifetime Support
+ Control Box
Click here to read more about the features.

STV®CNC is a new production platform built on the shoulders of, a leader in off-road race proven parts, custom fabrication and production with over 10 years under our belt of expertise in the cnc world. As fabricators ourselves, we understand and know what the fabrication industry needs and we offer our NEW CNC PLASMA TABLES as the one solution to accuracy, efficiency and cost only because our in-house cost and expenses in the milling and fabrication are low.

We offer INCLUDED waterbed, automatic torch height control and software/licenses along with the price…PLUS the working parts to our plasma tables are much more technologically advanced in comparison offering more accuracy and precision. This decreases your time, cost, slag, cleaning time and other important variables when choosing a sturdy, quality plasma table. If you take a look at this link: you’ll be able to check final direct pricing with an added Hypertherm system if needed.

We’ve dedicated ourselves to producing modular plasma tables that work with one’s production needs. For example, much aside from knocking shipping costs way down, we produce plasma tables that one has the opportunity to purchase a 5’x5′ SparX 505 ( ) and if production should expand, one would only need to purchase the other half to convert their 5’x5′ to a modular 5’x10′ plasma table. Just outstanding! Thinking ahead of the curve. We know this is a very important decision and investment one can make, so if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to give us a call at (888)-701-7101.

Compare the technology behind precision and accuracy.
Compare the quality of components.
Compare the access to component repair after purchase.
Compare budgeting in troubleshooting time and cost.
Compare the ease of program steps to execute your production.
Compare speed and quality on cut.
Compare your invested after-cut cleaning time.
Compare cost of programs and updates.
Compare your on-going relationship with the manufacturer after purchase.
Compare knowledge base, investment in engineering and long-term share power.
Compare included features & components without additional charges.
Ask if LIFETIME SUPPORT is offered.

You can place your order on our website and pay in full or you can call us at 1-888-701-7101 to pay half upfront. During the lead time set you will be informed every week upon the progress of your order and its stage in production. If a delay should occur, we will notify you. In the production process, your table’s components will be manufactured in-house, built and tested to meet STV®CNC’s Quality Control Standards. Towards the end of your lead time, your plasma table will be crated and shipped via one of our freight carriers. The remaining balance will be owed before shipment. Upon building your new plasma table, we welcome you to share your production with us as we strive to only share your great work within our outreach.

We want you to have peace of mind when making your decision so we went ahead and prepared a full 20-step guide on your purchase experience. Click here

  Needed to Run

Separate of your purchase, you will need a:

  • AIR COMPRESSOR that can satisfy at least 6SCFM at 90Psi
  • COMPUTER with Windows XP or higher with a minimum of (1G) Storage, (1G) RAM and at least (1) USB slot to run the plasma table.

We are currently offering a NEW Windows 10 Laptop with pre-installed “MyPlasmCNC” software, set configurations and included SparX Series Wallpapers for an additional $499 to your order.

You may use any computer with Windows XP or higher with (1G) Storage, (1G) RAM and at least (1) USB slot to run the plasma table, if not, a New Windows 10 Laptop can be an add-on for an additional (+$499.00). We will also supply you with software and licenses if you choose to use your own computer.

  Plasma Table Build & Production

We produce our plasma tables in-house at our Las Vegas Facility. Not only that, but we also manufacture 90% of all the components and parts that make up our STVCNC plasma table. You are always more than welcome to schedule an appointment to visit us and see a DEMO of the table in action.

You will be able to load up to 1.5″ inch thick steel onto our Plasma Tables. We’ve invested into a modular and sturdier build with the right amount of leg support and bends to support your INCLUDED waterbed and material weight. (If you add LEG BRACE SUPPORTS to your order, you will be able to reinforce structural strength and reduce table vibration. Recommended if you should decide to greatly increase the weight of your production sheets. The Supports are designed, manufactured, professionally painted in-house & come with the necessary fasters to lock them in.)

We use a mechanical limit switch located on the Z-Axis, which we have found to be affordable, easier to maintain and beginner-friendly than optical switches, especially during long production queues. 

Our STVCNC system is a direct drive system with rack and pinion offering (+) or (-) 0.005 as thin as a hair follicle or sheet of paper and does not reduce gearing.

Yes, as long as you are able to supply a CPC interface port and a Mechanized torch. If you already own a handheld Hypertherm® plasma cutter, we are also able to offer you a Hypertherm® CPC interface port and Mechanized torch if needed. We also can provide non-Hypertherm® CNC cables. Let’s talk about retrofitting your cutter. Give us a call 1-888-701-7101.

We do not have router attachments at the moment. Currently, our plasma tables are solely focused on cutting metals. Feel free to look at our STV®R Router product line.  

Yes and No. There is no indexing function by default, but you will be able to manually pause and resume after moving the material into place.

FINE CUTS depend on the consumable type that you use and the speed and height settings that you set for the type of material that you are cutting. You can easily achieve fine cuts if you use fine cut consumables and properly set your parameters. To be more precise, it has a lot to do with the table as well. Much aside from our stepper motors and linear guide rails that offer precision and accuracy, in being able to bundle a Hypertherm® into your purchase, we’ve pre-built each one of our product pages with the ability to order a Plasma Combo (both STVCNC Plasma Table and Hypertherm® Plasma system). We’re dedicated as a whole; for the sturdiness/durability our plasma tables offer and the fine cuts the Hypertherm® plasma systems we sell provide to the production needs you may have.
View Hypertherm® System Hub
View Hypertherm® Consumable Hub

Somewhere in the middle. Our STVCNC plasma tables are able to hold much more weight up to 1″ steel driving it past the “light industrial category” and its a modular unit in comparison to full industrial plasma tables, which have welded frames. We also offer Welded Frame Plasma Tables. Click here to see our Welded Frame SparX models.

The Drag Cable Wiring Layout behind the SparX Plasma Tables offers an Advanced Cable Management, Bolted Dual Track, Trays with Automation Wiring able to bend 10 million times before breaking. Our Multi-core Automation Wiring is meant for high operating temperatures, built flexible as well as insulated for heat and water resistance. This industrial line of wiring we’ve handcrafted and labeled into our plasma table’s concept offers higher circular mils, more resistance, ohms, flexibility and redundancy in the face of vibration. If you’re looking to upgrade your current table or are in the market for accuracy and precision, give us a call at 1-888-701-7101.

We are with you before and after purchase. Our plasma tables come with LIFETIME SUPPORT and the software “MyPlasmCNC” is very simple to use. You will quickly be able to get a turn-key product you’ll be able to grasp and start cutting in a short amount of time. We know your expenses, time and decisions are valuable and important. Our belief is to fully provide a fabricator with all the necessary tools one needs to get the job done correctly with accuracy and efficiency. For Space and layout, you can start with a modular 4×4 ( ) and when production increases you can upgrade to a 4×8, where we would basically offer the other half of the table to adapt it to a larger size if needed. You will have a solid basic cnc experience within 1-2 hours time as we offer a free class training either at our facility in Las Vegas or we can do so remotely.

Yes, all our SparX Series Plasma tables come with water pans and replaceable flat bar slats for a more convenient approach to your customized production needs. The table can be run dry or you can fill it with water and anti-rust solution to treat and protect the water pans and cutting material from environment air debris and rusting.

We use linear guide rails on our X & Y-axis, dual linear guide rails and a ball lead screw on our Z-axis with smooth, ball-bearing carriages. That and the stepper motor system with rack and pinion make accuracy and precision look and feel so good. There are no major differences between what we offer compared to a $20,000 table. We’ve taken the time to invest into the components for long lasting durability. We aren’t just a company that sells plasma tables, we’ve been and still are fabricators ourselves under for the last 10 years in the off-road racing world. Quality originates from rooted beliefs to provide an excellent product through and through. 

As long as you have the Ohmic Retaining Cap on your torch and the Ohmic cable connected, then it will automatically hit the emergency stop for the cut. The Ohmic cable is the “L” cable, which is the Limiter switch in your order. The Ohmic retaining cap is the Hypertherm® Consumables you can either purchase from us. We have also engineered a Magnetic Breakaway option you can add to your order to prevent damage to your torch.

  Programs & Tech

Our program “MyPlasmCNC” is an easy-to-use, plasma-focused program that is quick to learn. This program is included in your purchase with free updates and available for multiple users. The program is dedicated to controlling your torches movement, homing your mechanized torch, importing and cutting DXF, PLT and TAP files. You will also be able to set soft limits, create pre-set automated task settings, control cut speed, offsets, nesting, lead-ins, lead-outs, piercing, floating and axis movement parameters. Along with your purchase you’ll be able to enjoy a free class we offer to understand and troubleshoot the program with easy steps in getting production and the results you’re looking for. Feel free to give us a call at 1-888-701-7101 for any questions you may have.

Our customer base has a wide range of preferences when it comes to a design-oriented platform. We offer a plasma-focused program, “MyPlasmCNC”, as the main controller program and we recommend downloading Inkscape, Qcad or a trial version of Illustrator from to simply start with designing one’s cuts. Additionally, you can use any program that can save DXF, TAP, or PLT files to be imported into our controller program.

We do not use Mach3, we have an easy-to-use plasma-focused program called “MyPlasmCNC” with free updates. Sheetcam is not included. Our program MyPlasmCNC already has a CAM module included, so you do not need to use a separate cam program. You can import .DXF, .PLT, .TAP files to the MyPlasmCNC program.

Fairly easy to use, manage and troubleshoot. Most of our customers are up and running in 2 hours after assembly. Unlike Mach3, which offers milling, routing, and lathe settings; ours is only focused to plasma cutting and it has an easy import and nesting feature as well as your standard CAM options. It’s very impressive on any production scale.

Yes, we offer Free Training Videos, accessible after purchase, to assist in Table operation. Any questions along the way? Feel free to call our Tech Support line 1-888-701-7101 or you can get ahead of the line and send us a Tech Support Ticket, available at:

Yes, The “MyPlasmCNC” program is included with unlimited users and free updates. You will also receive sample cuts that come with software and we also can supply you with a library of 800+ DXF files you can immediately get to cutting on the STVCNC plasma table.

We use the “MyPlasmCNC” Controller to control the plasma table. It works in conjunction with the included MyPlasmCNC software. The control box consists of a base list of components: motor drivers, controller, THC/Ohmic module and power supply.

We have an easy-to-use plasma-focused program called “MyPlasmCNC” which is included but does not provide any HVAC-oriented files. Along with your purchase you’ll be able to enjoy a free class we offer to understand and troubleshoot the program with easy steps in getting production and the results you’re looking for. As for a specific HVAC-oriented program, we would suggest looking into Hypertherm’s Design2Fab program.

Yes. Once you export/save your file as DXF, PLT or TAP file from autocad, one can import the file into the easy-to-use “MyPlasmCNC” program (included in your purchase) and send it to cut.


The consumables used depend on the plasma cutter you have. For example, if you have a Hypertherm you would need Hypertherm consumables for your torch. With regards to the table itself, the only consumables are the slats that can be easily removed and replaced when they wear out and you’ll need to consistently fill the water bed with water as much of it is lost to evaporation.
Click here to go to our DROP-TO-CART Consumable Hub.

We have Plasma Guard STV® in stock and offer it as an add-on for your order. Click here to read more about Plasma Guard STV®.

We have Plasma Guard STV® in stock and offer it as an add-on for your order. Instructions appear in the following link. Click here to read more about Plasma Guard STV®.

  Payment / Financing

To place your order, we can forward you an invoice and you’ll have the opportunity to pay half down if you decide or full payment. Payment can be made via PayPal, wire transfer, credit card or check. We also will keep you up-to-date with progress points in that time. The website will only allow you to pay in full, if you decide to pay half, we will need to send you the invoice. Send an email to with the following:

  1. How you would like to proceed. 
  2. The items that will appear in your invoice.
  3. Your Email we can send the invoice to.

If you should decide to pay half of the payment upfront, the other half of the remaining balance will be owed before shipping the order out to you.

We offer occasional sale pricing and bundled deals, please give us a call or send us an email to discuss your options. While we are talking about this subject, we appreciate your service. THANKS!

We currently offer financing through First Citizens Bank. On our finance page,, there is a blue-colored “Apply Now” financing button that will redirect you to fill out n application form. Another quick option would be to mention “stvcnc” if you call Spencer Cusick, at or (603) 501-1122 for financing questions. We know this is a very important decision and investment one can make, so if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to give us a call at 1-888-701-7101.

Order Cancellation:

All orders are and sent for manufacturing/shipment as soon as a deposit has been paid. If you cancel your order BEFORE it has been shipped, you will be assessed a 10% cancellation fee before credit is issued.

Financed Orders:

We have a strict no cancellation policy on any finance order as the agreement is between the Buyer and the Financing company. Once final documents have been signed the Buyer cannot cancel order or be refunded.

30 Day Guarantee:

If Buyer is not satisfied with the performance of the Goods within 30 days from the date the Goods were shipped from the Seller, Buyer may return the Goods in the original carton(s) for a full refund less Shipping, Handling, Damages and Freight Charges. All sales become final after this 30-day period. Buyer should determine the satisfactory performance of the Goods by using the software and inspecting and operating the electronics and/or accessory items. Any items to be returned for full refund must be in new, unused (except for bench testing), and saleable condition at the sole determination of the Seller. Items that, in the Seller’s judgment, have been used, damaged or modified in any way, or kits that have been partially or fully completed will be subject to a restocking fee to be determined by the Seller, not to exceed 20% of the original purchase price. A return merchandise authorization number (RMA) must be obtained by the customer prior to any return. Shipments of returned items not marked with a valid RMA may be refused.

Custom equipment configurations cannot be returned.

  Shipping & Assembly

Commercial Delivery:These charges have been prepared for Nationwide Ground Shipping. (Prices are subject to change without notice.)

SHIPPING $750:  SparX4400 (4×4) & SparX 505 (5×5)

SHIPPING $1000:  SparX4800 (4×8) & SparX 510 (5×10) 

Residential Delivery for customers that wish to have the table shipped to their home rather than a shop require an additional $150 charged to accommodate. If you do not have access to a forklift there is an additional $150 charge. NOTE: If you need a residential delivery with liftgate service, that is an additional $300 for both services combined.

Shipping an Assembled Plasma table: is possible, but much more costly. In offering a more convenient experience, we ship partially assembled. The more complex parts we produce in-house like the linear guide rails, Z-axis head and gantry are all shipped out already fully assembled. 

Sea Freight: For International orders, you will need to cover U.S. Ground Shipping from Las Vegas to the Port of your choice. After that, you will need to organize your choice of Sea Freight to pick up at that port and have it shipped to your location. If you have a moment, search for Sea Freights to your location and inform us with the Port location we will be shipping to within the U.S. and we can go from there.

Our Plasma Tables come with a user-friendly instruction manual that will guide you through bolting together the Legs, Support Beams, cable trays, brackets and Water pans. For a separate cost, we are also able to send one of our technicians out to your facility/location to assemble the table if needed.

Our Freight Carrier will deliver your crates to the location provided. Please advise your STVCNC Sales Representative with any delays, gate codes, special entry requirements or deadlines that might hinder or prevent delivery attempts.  

We have a couple different ground freight carriers. The shipped plasma table base model set consists of one main crate for the table and a small, elongated wooden crate for the linear guide rails.

For International orders or locations out of the Continental United States, you will need to cover U.S. Ground Shipping from Las Vegas to the Port or Terminal of your choice. After that, you will need to organize your choice of Ground or Sea Freight to pick up at that port and have it shipped to your location. If you have a moment, search for freight carriers to your location and inform us with the Port location we will be shipping to within the U.S. and we can go from there.

Potentially, depending on your location and whether or not you have a truck or trailer able to pull 700 to 1500 lbs. of weight (depending on the table size you purchased.)