STV®CNC America's Top Leading Tables

We are proud to say that every STV® Table manufactured in-house in our 50,000 sqft. Las Vegas Headquarters has the outline of true craftsmanship with an integrated list of 3 key items: Fulfilled Purpose & Vision, Highest Degree of Machined Quality and a sustained allegiance to customer support. At the bottom of this page you will also be able to compare all tables, cutting envelope, features, pricing, add-ons, shipping & additional details.

X-Builder: Modular Table Customizer

Build your CNC Plasma Table Visually experience the customization of your plasma table. We have built a new experience to order, facilitate all your questions in one place and help your decision making before purchase.

SparX™ Modular CNC Plasma Tables

The STV® Plasma Table SparX™ Series is split into 2 categories: the “Modular Frame” Series and the “Welded Frame” PRO Series. This is the MODULAR Section of the SparX Series. Assembly required. Selecting your desired table size below will reveal each tables’ extended list of features, information and also show a number of add-ons one can customize your new CNC Table with. Plasma Cutter sold separately.

SparX™2400 CNC Plasma Table $4999

2×4 Modular Plasma Table. The Ideal Tool for Starter-sized Projects. It has an “Industrial Grade Base without taking up more space!” This sturdy, 2×4 Shop Table is set at an affordable price, comes with prime selected features, a 1 year warranty & Lifetime Support from our knowledgeable staff members. Cutting Envelope: (2′ L x 4′ W)

SparX™4400 CNC Plasma Table $5499

4×4 Modular Plasma Table. Plasma Paparazzi! The Ever-So-Popular, SparX™4400, is ready for the center spotlight of your Production!  Voted #1 Nationwide, the durable 4×4 Plasma Table holds up to an 1.5″ steel plate and comes loaded with great features. Cutting Envelope: (4′ L x 4′ W)

SparX™505 CNC Plasma Table $5999

5×5 Modular Plasma Table. The Dark Obsession, SparX™505, brings about a larger 5×5 playing field, list of high-quality features and has the capability to be extended to the monster-sized 5′ x 10′ plasma table, if your production should increase after purchase. Cutting Envelope: (5′ L x 5′ W)

SparX™4800 CNC Plasma Table $6799

4×8 Modular Plasma Table. Upper Level Production is found with the SparX™4800 with the best of both worlds, a massive understudy of support while offering full sheet 4×8 production. A bit more maintenance, but well worth every penny invested. Cutting Envelope: (8′ L x 4′ W)

SparX™510 CNC Plasma Table $7499

5×10 Modular Plasma Table. Best of the best, the industrial & monstrous SparX™510 has a cutting envelope of 5 feet wide by 10 feet long. With a Laser cut frame and a solid underpinning, we have designed and machined it with you in mind. Warning: The SparX™510 is not for the faint of heart.  Cutting Envelope: (10′ L x 5′ W)

SparX™ PRO Welded Frame CNC Plasma Tables

The STV® SparX™ PRO Series with Welded Frame requires No Assembly; ships to you fully built. Selecting your desired table size below will reveal each tables’ extended list of features, information & add-ons one can customize your new CNC Table with.  Plasma Cutter sold separately.

SparX™ PRO 4 CNC Plasma Table $7499

4×4 Welded Frame Plasma Table. This sturdy Starter, SparX™ PRO4, is shipped to you fully assembled. Similar to the SparX™4400, the PRO4 offers a solid welded frame, leveling feet, Automatic Homing Kit, Gear Reduction & comes loaded with great features. Cutting Envelope: (4′ L x 4′ W)

SparX™ PRO 5 CNC Plasma Table $7999

5×5 Welded Frame Plasma Table. Built like a tank, this table offers a larger envelope to cut & create. Able to hold a 3″ inch steel plate, the PRO5 is a deadly weapon of mass production. Add a Hypertherm® Plasma Cutter & get to work till the cows come home! Cutting Envelope: (5′ L x 5′ W)

SparX™ PRO 8 CNC Plasma Table $8999

4×8 Welded Frame Plasma Table. Change up your Production Game with a Rugged SparX™ PRO8. Fully engineered, assembled and crafted to take on heavy industrial projects, the PRO8 is a force to be reckoned with. Loaded features & warranty. Cutting Envelope: (8′ L x 4′ W)

SparX™ PRO 10 CNC Plasma Table $9999

5×10 Welded Frame Plasma Table. Feast your Eyes on the Ultimate Shophouse Favorite! The Top-Seller, SparX™ PRO10, is by far the GO-GETTER for Total Production! Get back every inch of space invested on the PRO10 with enough of a cutting envelope to cut automated repeating tasks and be the Leading Production Shop around town. This Welded Masterpiece is a MUST SEE! Cutting Envelope: (10′ L x 5′ W)

SparX™ PRO 12 CNC Plasma Table $12499

6×12 Welded Frame Plasma Table. This new modern marvel of engineering is a mutation of extensive work, craftsmanship and selective premium industrial components. In it’s presence expect heavy breathing and a rapid heart rate. Standing at a length of 12 feet, RUN BEAST-MODE with the SparX™ PRO12. This is Top of the Line under the STV®CNC Plasma Powerhouse of products. Cutting Envelope: (12′ L x 6′ W)

STV®CNC Router Series

The STV® Router Series will take on 4×4, 5×5, 4×8 and 5×10 frame sizes and be an asset to production involving a mix of different materials. 

STV®CNC Router, coming soon.

CNC Router Table. First of its Kind, the STV®CNC Router Series is going to strike a chord among many industrialists and hobbyists. The New Router will facilitate production with a mix of multiple material types in mind. Stay Tuned. Cutting Envelope: (Various Sizes)

STV®CNC Welder Series

The STV® Welder Series will provide a Modular 2×4 and 4×4, 5×5, 4×8 and 5×10 kits as well as fully welded tables, shipped to your front door.

STV®CNC Fixture Table, coming soon.

Welding Table Series. The STV®CNC Welder Series will be the modular go-to for all welders, machinists and fixture builders in need of a comfortable jig table. We will be offering the New Welding Tables as a DIY kit for you to assemble and fully assembled versions as well. Stay Tuned. (Various Sizes)

STVCNC Plasma Table Comparison Chart
STVCNC Plasma Table Comparison Chart