STV®CNC America's Top Leading Plasma Tables

We are proud to say that every STV® Table manufactured in-house in our 50,000 sqft. Las Vegas Headquarters has the outline of true craftsmanship with an integrated list of 3 key items: Fulfilled Purpose & Vision, Highest Degree of Machined Quality and a sustained allegiance to customer support. Below you will also be able to compare all tables, cutting envelope, features, pricing, add-ons, shipping & additional details.

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SparX™ Modular CNC Plasma Tables

SparX Modular Series: Assembly required. Selecting your desired table size below will reveal each tables’ extended list of features, information and also show a number of add-ons one can customize your new CNC Table with. Important: Plasma Cutter sold separately.

SparX™2400 CNC Plasma Table $4999

2×4 Modular Plasma Table. The Ideal Tool for Starter-sized Projects. It has an “Industrial Grade Base without taking up more space!” This sturdy, 2×4 Shop Table is set at an affordable price, comes with prime selected features, a 1 year warranty & Lifetime Support from our knowledgeable staff members. Cutting Envelope: (2′ L x 4′ W)

SparX™4400 CNC Plasma Table $5499

4×4 Modular Plasma Table. Plasma Paparazzi! The Ever-So-Popular, SparX™4400, is ready for the center spotlight of your Production!  Voted #1 Nationwide, the durable 4×4 Plasma Table holds up to an 1.5″ steel plate and comes loaded with great features. Cutting Envelope: (4′ L x 4′ W)

SparX™505 CNC Plasma Table $5999

5×5 Modular Plasma Table. The Dark Obsession, SparX™505, brings about a larger 5×5 playing field, list of high-quality features and has the capability to be extended to the monster-sized 5′ x 10′ plasma table, if your production should increase after purchase. Cutting Envelope: (5′ L x 5′ W)

SparX™4800 CNC Plasma Table $6799

4×8 Modular Plasma Table. Upper Level Production is found with the SparX™4800 with the best of both worlds, a massive understudy of support while offering full sheet 4×8 production. A bit more maintenance, but well worth every penny invested. Cutting Envelope: (8′ L x 4′ W)

SparX™510 CNC Plasma Table $7499

5×10 Modular Plasma Table. Best of the best, the industrial & monstrous SparX™510 has a cutting envelope of 5 feet wide by 10 feet long. With a Laser cut frame and a solid underpinning, we have designed and machined it with you in mind. Warning: The SparX™510 is not for the faint of heart.  Cutting Envelope: (10′ L x 5′ W)

Customize your Modular Plasma Table

Build your CNC Plasma Table Visually experience the customization of your plasma table. We have built a new experience to order, facilitate all your questions in one place and help your decision making before purchase.

SparX™ PRO Welded Frame CNC Plasma Tables

The STV® SparX™ PRO Series with Welded Frame requires No Assembly; ships to you fully built. Selecting your desired table size below will reveal each tables’ extended list of features, information & add-ons one can customize your new CNC Table with.  Plasma Cutter sold separately.

SparX™ PRO 4 CNC Plasma Table $7499

4×4 Welded Frame Plasma Table. This sturdy Starter, SparX™ PRO4, is shipped to you fully assembled. Similar to the SparX™4400, the PRO4 offers a solid welded frame, leveling feet, Automatic Homing Kit, Gear Reduction & comes loaded with great features. Cutting Envelope: (4′ L x 4′ W)

SparX™ PRO 5 CNC Plasma Table $7999

5×5 Welded Frame Plasma Table. Built like a tank, this table offers a larger envelope to cut & create. Able to hold a 3″ inch steel plate, the PRO5 is a deadly weapon of mass production. Add a Hypertherm® Plasma Cutter & get to work till the cows come home! Cutting Envelope: (5′ L x 5′ W)

SparX™ PRO 8 CNC Plasma Table $8999

4×8 Welded Frame Plasma Table. Change up your Production Game with a Rugged SparX™ PRO8. Fully engineered, assembled and crafted to take on heavy industrial projects, the PRO8 is a force to be reckoned with. Loaded features & warranty. Cutting Envelope: (8′ L x 4′ W)

SparX™ PRO 10 CNC Plasma Table $9999

5×10 Welded Frame Plasma Table. Feast your Eyes on the Ultimate Shophouse Favorite! The Top-Seller, SparX™ PRO10, is by far the GO-GETTER for Total Production! Get back every inch of space invested on the PRO10 with enough of a cutting envelope to cut automated repeating tasks and be the Leading Production Shop around town. This Welded Masterpiece is a MUST SEE! Cutting Envelope: (10′ L x 5′ W)

SparX™ PRO 12 CNC Plasma Table $12499

6×12 Welded Frame Plasma Table. This new modern marvel of engineering is a mutation of extensive work, craftsmanship and selective premium industrial components. In it’s presence expect heavy breathing and a rapid heart rate. Standing at a length of 12 feet, RUN BEAST-MODE with the SparX™ PRO12. This is Top of the Line under the STV®CNC Plasma Powerhouse of products. Cutting Envelope: (12′ L x 6′ W)

STV®CNC Welder Series

The STV® Welder Series will provide a Modular 2×4 and 4×4, 5×5, 4×8 and 5×10 kits as well as fully welded tables, shipped to your front door.

STV®CNC Fixture Table, coming soon.

Welding Table Series. The STV®CNC Welder Series will be the modular go-to for all welders, machinists and fixture builders in need of a comfortable jig table. We will be offering the New Welding Tables as a DIY kit for you to assemble and fully assembled versions as well. Stay Tuned. (Various Sizes)