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STV®CNC Optimum™ 5 Plasma Table


The Optimum™ 5 is a “No Assembly Required” 5×5 CNC Welded Frame Plasma Table, fully engineered, manufactured & shipped from our 50,000 sq. ft. STV®CNC Factory Headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada, the single-source role model manufacturer trusted by fabricators globally. This efficient, servo-rapid & industrial-grade Plasma Cutting Table runs on Optimum™ CNC, the All-New Global Production Platform for Unified CNC Industrialists and is backed by our Signature White Glove Technical Support. #americanmade Important: Plasma Cutter sold separately.


IMPORTANT: SHIPPING COST IS CALCULATED BY FREIGHT DISTANCE “BEFORE PURCHASE”, Contact us at 1-888-701-7101 about Shipping and Delivery Requirements.

Add an STV®CNC Upgrade

Add a Hypertherm® Plasma Cutting System

➤ IMPORTANT: Call us at 1-888-701-7101 for latest lead times. Hypertherm® Purchase includes: Plasma System, STV®CNC CPC cable ($200 value), work clamp, set of standard consumables & a 25ft. mechanized torch. Select one of the following: VIEW COMPARISON PDF

Product price: $14,999.00
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Optimum™ Playlist

3 Videos


Your Optimum™ 5 Plasma Table base model comes with:

Optimum™ CNC is the All-New CNC Control System uniting industrialists worldwide and is backed by our Signature White Glove Technical Support. Below are Optimum™ Table features

TABLE ( Click to Expand )

➤ Cutting Envelope: 5′ (L) x 5′ (W)

➤ Input Power: 110V for the Table

FRAME ( Click to Expand )


➤ Frame holds up to 2″ inch plate.

➤ Ships fully assembled by Freight Truck

➤ Adjustable Heavy-Duty Leveling Feet

➤ Lower Support Beams for rigidity

➤ Rollerballs included for material transfer

HEAD ( Click to Expand )


➤ Knuckle Torch Holster

➤ Precision ground billet ball lead screw

➤ Magnetic Breakaway with cable catch

➤ Collision Switch Sensor

➤ Material Detection Limit Switch

➤ (THC) Automatic Torch Height Control

➤ Adjustable Ohmic Sensing

➤ Laser Guide Toggle Switch

GANTRY & ASSEMBLY ( Click to Expand )


➤ Machined Metal Gantry

➤ Hardened Heavy-Duty Linear Guide Assembly

➤ Welded 4″ inch deep water pan 

➤ Interchangeable slats

MOTORS & TRACK ( Click to Expand )


➤ Precision 5:1 Ratio Planetary Gear Reduction

➤ Servo Motor System

➤ Helical Gear Rack & Pinion

➤ Z-Axis Linear Stepper Motor Positioner

➤ Servo Motor Encoder Communication Wiring & Power Cabling  

➤ Advanced Cable Management & Tray Channels

OPTIMUM™ CNC ( Click to Expand )


➤ Optimum™ CNC Software & Controller

➤ Linux Os Mini PC (2.6Ghz Intel Quad Core & 8GB DDR4 RAM

➤ CAD/CAM: Import G-code, DXF Files & Generate G-code

➤ Library of 80+ Editable Shape Templates 

➤ Integrated Hypertherm® Cut Charts + Custom Settings   

➤ 4 Proximity Sensor Automatic Homing Kit

➤ 6′ ft. Controller Ethernet Connectivity

➤ Input Power: 110V for the Table

EXTRAS ( Click to Expand )


➤ Software & Table Operation Tutorial Videos

➤ Library of 1000+ DXF Cut Files

➤ Green Light Checklist & Maintenance Tips

➤ STV®CNC Manufacturer’s one year warranty 

➤ Signature White Glove Tech Support

VIP ACCESS ( Click to Expand )

➤ Access to our Private Plasma Table Owner’s Facebook Community 

➤ Access to shared files, skills and settings

➤ Network Nationwide and make new friends in your trade

➤ STV®CNC Purchase access to Hypertherm® Consumables/Cartridges 

➤ STV®CNC Purchase access to Plasma Guard STV®

➤ STV®CNC Purchase access to Table Replacement Parts 

 STV®CNC dedicated tech support for software, product & table operation.


Your Optimum™ CNC performs

Optimum™ CNC is the All-New CNC Control System uniting industrialists worldwide and is backed by our Signature White Glove Technical Support. Tap on the images below for OptimumCNC features:


OptimumCNC FAQ and How to Setup

Tap on the images below for OptimumCNC Frequently Asked Questions:


Backed by our Signature White Glove℠ Tech Support

The New Optimum™ Platform is backed by our Signature White Glove℠ Technical Support that offers solutions across a wide range of customer support methods like Software Improvements, Table Troubleshooting, Live Support via remote assistance, as well as Hypertherm® Unit Troubleshooting well before any escalation occurs and enjoying the ease of having us delegate any replacement parts to prevent any extended amounts of down-time.

Dedicated Live Support ( Click to Expand )

Optimum Table & Software Dedicated Live Support

Our STV® Team Members are knowledgeable in troubleshooting topics on Table Operation, maintenance & software during business hours. Additional support via our Private Nationwide Facebook Community.

After Hours Community ( Click to Expand )

Nationwide After Hours Active Networking Community

We currently have over 1,900 savy and successful Plasma Table Owners who spread across various industries. The Facebook Private Community is healthy, positive and always forward moving for improvement & growth.

Troubleshooting Resources ( Click to Expand )

Troubleshoot Resource Dossier & step-by-step Instructional Videos

We want to make sure we speed up you and your team’s learning curve. We’ve made sure to produce helpful step-by-step tutorial video sessions to make that happen. More than happy to continue troubleshooting after.

In-stock Replacement Parts ( Click to Expand )

Source for Stocked Replacement Parts & Hypertherm® Product Support

STV®CNC is a proud OEM Distributor for all Hypertherm® products, including Plasma Cutting Units, consumables, cartridges & accessories. We also provide tech support for Hypertherm® products before escalation.

Manufacturer's Guidance ( Click to Expand )

Manufacturing Resource Guidance in CNC and for Fabrication Shops

Our STV® Team Members are stocked with industrial guidance protocols that can assist in improving on-site issues, strategy and manufacturing techniques that apply to the use and function of the table at your shop.

Quicken the Learning Curve ( Click to Expand )

Support for Learning Curve Improvements in becoming Table & Software Proficient

Time is essential in getting you up and running on the basics for table operation, software and daily tasks. After watching our tutorial videos, we are here for any one-on-one phone calls or remote assistance where all support ends with solutions.

Prevent Down-time ( Click to Expand )

Full Support For Preventive Down-time, Table Maintenance, Operation & Software

Issues happen & we’re here for you. Within your warranty, we can quickly ship out components that may have failed over extensive wear & tear. Our table components are always in-stock and affordable even after your warranty has expired.

Troubleshooting Topic? Please contact Tech Support at


Customize your table with Premium Add-ons

Plasma Guard STV® (Anti-Rust Solution)

Recommended if you would like to decrease production dust/debris, preserve your water pans & avoid any oxidation. The Blue Anti-Rust Solution will be sent to you in a 5 Gallon Bucket with an Instruction Label to follow upon use. Think you may need a second bucket? For Plasma Guard STV® Dilution Rates: Click here for Product Info

Hypertherm® Cutting Systems

STV®CNC is a Proud, Leading Hypertherm® OEM Distributor offering the latest technology in Plasma Cutting Systems to add to your order. We strive to offer 100% transparency as we organize, process & queue all Hypertherm® system orders as we receive them. 

Click here to Compare Systems

Hypertherm® Consumables

STV®CNC is a Proud, Leading Hypertherm® OEM Distributor offering the best pricing in Plasma Cutting Consumables and Cartridges. As a dependable source for Hypertherm® accessories, replacement parts & consumables, we’ve built a quick and easy Consumable Hub to facilitate.

Click here for Hypertherm® Consumables

PowerStation Cart

Click here to READ MORE. 42″ inch Mobile Workstation Cart. Maximize your workspace with this Double Shelf PC standing desk as its adjustable height improves production house mobility. Includes 15′ ft. Triple Outlet Power Strip, Cabinet w/ Lock, Gliding Tray & Locking Caster Wheels.  Recommended Indoor Use Only. ASSEMBLY REQUIRED.

( 19.5″L  x  24.875″W  x  42″H )

Multi-Angle Beveler

The multi-angle beveler attachment is a great addition to finalize parts with custom specific beveled edges. Our custom torch mount is manually adjustable and is engineered with 15 degree interval markers from +45° positive bevels to -45° degree negative bevels. The multi-angle beveler is ideal for prepping corner joint bevel-cut welds. Seven available angles: +45°, +30°, +15°, 0°, -15°, -30°, -45°. Note: The Multi-Angle Beveler is ONLY for the Optimum™ Plasma Table Series.



Las Vegas is home to our STV®CNC family of dedicated staff members. We would love to have you see our 50,000 sq. ft. Headquarter Operations. CLICK HERE TO BOOK A TOUR.

Hypertherm® Plasma Systems: Shaping Possibility.

Hypertherm® Purchase includes: Plasma System, STV®CNC CPC cable ($200 value), work clamp, set of standard consumables & 25ft. mechanized torch. IMPORTANT: Depending on the model you select, Plasma Cutting System lead times fall into a queue list for each model series as we receive them from Hypertherm® and out to you. In 100% transparency, we strive to deliver a well-rounded experience. Feel free to call us to chat about lead times. 1-888-701-7101.
Hypertherm 45XP Plasma Cutting System

Hypertherm® Powermax 45XP


1/2″ inch pierce


Hypertherm Powermax65 sync plasma system

Hypertherm® Powermax65 SYNC™


5/8″ inch pierce


Hypertherm Powermax85 sync

Hypertherm® Powermax85 SYNC™


3/4″ inch pierce


Hypertherm Powermax105 sync plasma system

Hypertherm® Powermax105 SYNC™


7/8″ inch pierce


Hypertherm 125 Plasma Cutting System

Hypertherm® Powermax 125


1″ inch pierce


Adapters: Options if you currently own a plasma system.

STVCNC CPC Interface Cable

STV®CNC CPC Interface Cable

Select “ONLY” if you are an existing Hypertherm® Plasma System Owner & require a CPC cable. If you purchase a Plasma Table with us & decide to use your personal plasma system or decide to purchase one elsewhere, you will need to purchase this item to connect your plasma system to the STV®CNC Control Box.

Hypertherm® Machine Torch

Hypertherm® Mechanized Torch (25ft.)

Select “ONLY” if you are an existing Hypertherm® Plasma System Owner & require a Mechanized Torch. This Hypertherm Item is 25 feet in length. Duramax full-length machine torches work with a wide variety of CNC cutting tables, track cutters, and pipe-cutters.

Hypertherm® 25ft Hand Torch

Hypertherm® Hand Torch (25ft.)

Select “ONLY” if you are an existing Hypertherm® Plasma System Owner & require a Hand Torch. The 25 foot Duramax® 75° hand torch is well suited for a variety of applications such as gouging, fine feature cutting, extended reach cutting, and flush cutting. The ergonomic design of the 75° torch is perfect for normal cutting.

Important Information for the STVCNC Plasma Table

Important: Keep in mind when placing your purchase.

Get some idea on a few things to consider when purchasing a new STVCNC plasma table and what you need to know and have on-site.

View the 20-Step pipeline guide on how our multiple departments come together to produce your customized CNC Table order.

Table Specifications for the STVCNC Plasma Table

Table Specs: Standard Base Model Information & Sizing for Geeks

Grade Marker Plasma Table Specifications
Cutting Envelope Dimensions
5’(W) x 5’(L). XYZ Breakdown: X = 60”, Y = 60”, Z-Axis travel = 6” Maximum
Linear System
All Axis On Precision Ball Bearing Carriage Guide Rails
Mechanical Drive System
X-Axis & Y-Axis Rack & Pinion, Made In USA
Mechanical Drive System
Z-Axis – Full CNC’d Billet Precision Ball Lead-Screw
System Interface
Windows OS
Motion Accuracy
0.002” per 12" inches
Step Resolution
(+) or (-) 0.002” inches
Maximum Cut Speed
1000" inches per minute
Torch Height Control
Table Surface
Water pans with replaceable 1.5" inch steel flat bar slats
Input Power
110V for the plasma table and 220V for your plasma cutting system.
System Ratio
3:1 Gear Reduction Gear Ratio
Precision Margin of Error
Every 10ft. of Travel = Off by 0.02" to 0.05" inches
What is Gear Reduction?


Financing: Assistance via First Citizens Bank or available lenders

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Financial Assistance for your STV®CNC Order is available through First Citizens Bank or through an assorted list of top financing lenders. Quicken Equipment Ownership with flexible terms that work best for your operation.

STV®CNC offers financial assisting options through First Citizens Bank or through an assorted list of available top lenders who offer different tiers of financing. Finance essential CNC equipment, Plasma Tables or Router Tables for your business. Expand your financing options. Get the resources you need to make your business flourish with an exceptional financial backing with options that work best for you.  With experience working with small businesses we know what it takes to start, expand and have the correct measures that will support your daily operations along with any flexible small business loans and financing solutions to meet your needs.

General Information about our In-house built CNC Plasma tables.

Get a high-end, fully-welded and assembled 5×5 CNC plasma table for your business at a price that makes sense.

  • Industrial-grade level CNC plasma table for small to large sized industrial and fabrication markets.
  • Professional plasma table that uses high-end machine features and capabilities.
  • Included water table helps to reduce dust and metal warping.

Are you looking for a new CNC plasma table for your business? Then the STV®CNC SparX™ Welded Pro 5 Plasma Table is just what you need. This industrial level CNC plasma table is perfect for companies just getting started with CNC machining or for those looking to increase production capabilities. With several advanced attachments like a water table that helps prevent dust and metal warping from the high levels of heat and the included automatic torch height control, you’ll be able to create amazing metal designs. With high-end components, this plasma table delivers some of the best plasma cutting speeds and consistency around. Get your 5 x 5 automated plasma table today!

  • Uses Windows OS interface
  • Several advanced attachments included
  • Dry or water pan options available
  • Automatic torch height control included

We have applied the best technologies of high-end, industrial level CNC plasma tables at a competitive price. The STV®CNC SparX™ Pro Plasma Table Series incorporates high-end machine features and capabilities, in a simple but effective package. Using our high accuracy stepper motors for speed, control and smooth operation and combining it with ground linear bearings and guide rails results in consistency and speed that is unrivaled in the industry. Additionally, our tables are built tough and designed to easily handle inch thick steel plates and they can handle much more. Proudly made in the USA.

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