Hypertherm® Powermax65 SYNC™ Plasma System


5/8” INCH PIERCE. The Powermax65 SYNC™ is a next-generation professional grade air plasma cutter that dramatically simplifies system operation for cutting and gouging up to 20 mm (3/4″). Featuring automated system process set-up via advanced RFID-enabled SmartSYNC™ torches and a revolutionary single-piece cartridge consumable that provides trackable utilization data. The Powermax65 SYNC™ maximizes productivity through reductions in downtime, optimized cut quality performance and streamlined consumable inventory management.

Hypertherm® Purchase includes: Plasma System, 25’ft. SmartSYNC™ torch, 25’ft. Clamp, STV®CNC CPC Cable, (3) SmartSYNC™ Cartridges, (3) Ohmic rings, Cut Chart Manual, Instructional USB, (3) year unit warranty and a (1) year torch warranty. IMPORTANT: Depending on the model you select, Plasma Cutting System lead times fall into a queue list for each model series as we receive them from Hypertherm® and out to you. In 100% transparency, we strive to deliver a well-rounded experience. Feel free to call us to chat about lead times. 1-888-701-7101.

Hypertherm® Powermax65 SYNC™ Plasma System

Easy to use

Simplify consumable inventory

& eliminate setup errors.

Productivity gains

Minimizes downtime &


Innovative smart system

End-of-life detection with

Advanced torch communication.

Cartridge performance data

App-Ready dedicated data retrieval

for tracking & to analyze usage.

Watch Helpful Powermax65 SYNC™ Videos

Why choose the Powermax65 SYNC™ Plasma System?

Instead of five consumable parts, Powermax SYNC systems with their included SmartSYNC™ torch, need only one! Your SmartSYNC™ torch will automatically adjust the amperage and choose the right cutting or gouging mode. Your torch will also tell you when the cartridge consumable is worn out and needs to be replaced. You no longer need to check by unscrewing the stack-up and looking at the electrode. Read the following articles for more information.

What does the Powermax65 SYNC™ include?

The Hypertherm® Powermax65 SYNC™ system includes the 25' foot RFID-enabled SmartSYNC™ torch, a 25' foot work lead, STV®CNC CPC Interface Cable ($200 value), one FineCut® Cartridge (30-45A Part No. 428926), two Mechanized Cutting Cartridges (65A Part No. 428930), three Ohmic Rings (Part No. 428895), Cut Chart Manual, Instructional USB, 3 year warranty for the unit & 1 year for the torch. The Cartridge Reader is sold separately ( available in our Hypertherm® Consumable Hub ).

Hypertherm Powermax65 sync plasma system

SmartSYNC™ Plasma System

Hypertherm powermax65 sync torch

SmartSYNC™ Machine Torch

25′ ft. Work Lead

CNC Interface Cable

8′ ft. CPC Cable

Hypertherm Powermax65 428926

SmartSYNC™ Cartridges

ohmic rings

3 Ohmic Rings

Hypertherm cut charts guide

Cut Chart Manual & USB

Do Cartridges work with an older Hypertherm® model?

This item is only for the following. Limited functionality with Duramax and Duramax® Lock torches (found on Powermax45 XP/65/85/105). Requires separate torch adapter (Part No. 428951). Does not provide automated process set-up or data transfer. You do not require an adapter if you are purchasing a Hypertherm® Powermax65 SYNC™.
Please call 1-888-701-7101 to order this Cartridge adapter directly with us.

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Got plans to Scribe or Mark your Materials?

Please know in advance that adding a non-Hypertherm® accessory to your torch may void your warranty. Please read your Manufacturer's Manual and Guide for more on Warranty information.
Click here to read Hypertherm® Warranty Information.

Most Do-it-Yourself Industrialists source a third-party product for scribing
with the Hypertherm® SYNC units, called EasyScriber.
Here is an installation video for SYNC units.

What's the real power behind the Powermax65 SYNC™?​

Plasma Power Rating: 65 Amps (A) x 139 Volts (VDC) = 9,035 Watts (W)


Cut capacity

CapacityThicknessCut speed
Recommended20 mm (3/4″)500 mm/min (20 ipm)
 25 mm (1″)250 mm/min (10 ipm)
Severance (hand cutting)32 mm (1-1/4″)125 mm/min (5 ipm)
Pierce*16 mm (5/8″) 

*Pierce rating for handheld cutting, or mechanized cutting with programmable torch height control.


Maximum removal gouging

CapacityMetal removal rateGroove profile
Typical gouge4.0 kg (8.8 lbs.) per hour2.9 mm D x 6.4 mm W (0.11″ D x 0.25″ W)

General specifications

Input voltages

200–480 V, 1-PH, 50/60 Hz

200–600 V, 3-PH, 50/60 Hz

Kilowatt output

9 kW

Input current

200/208/240/480 V,

1-PH 52/50/44/22 A @ 9 kW

200/208/240/480/600 V,

3-PH 32/31/27/13/13 A @ 9 kW

Output current

20–65 A

Rated output voltage

139 VDC

Duty cycle @ 104° F

50% @ 65 A, 230–600 V, 1/3-PH

40% @ 65 A, 200–208 V, 1/3-PH

100% @ 46 A, 230–600 V, 1/3-PH

Open circuit voltage (OCV)

295 VDC

Dimensions with handles

483 mm D; 233 mm W; 430 mm H (19″ D; 9.2″ W; 17″ H)

Weight w/7.6 m (25′) torch

29 kg (61 lbs.)

Gas supply

Clean, dry, oil-free air or nitrogen

Optimum inlet gas pressure

7.6–8.3 bar (110–120 psi)

Minimum inlet gas pressure

5.2 bar (75 psi)

Recommended inlet gas flow rate

Cutting: 210 I/min @ 5.9 bar (450 scfh, 7.5 scfm @ 85 psi)

Gouging: 210 I/min @ 4.8 bar (450 scfh, 7.5 scfm @ 70 psi)

Input power cable length

3 m (10′)

Power supply type

Inverter – IGBT

Engine drive requirement

15 kW for full 65 A output


CSA-certified for use in the Americas and Asia, except China


Power supplies have a 3-year warranty and torches a 1-year warranty

Have any Hypertherm® Manuals I can look at?

Operator Manual

Mechanized Guide

Reader User Guide

Reference Guide

Cartridge Reader Instructions

Data Analysis Tool

Weight 79 oz
Dimensions 29 × 15 × 25 in


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