STV®CNC Reviews and Comments

Below are a list of alphabetized comments and feedback about the STVCNC Experience and Product Line, found across multiple online sites, review boards, video platforms, forums and social media sources available to the public. 

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Anthony T.

( Plant City, Florida, USA )

Started off buying my table to help with hand cut parts for off-road stuff I make. To save time on them and make stuff where it was impossible to do by hand. I started using Etsy and did over 25k in sales in two months last holiday season. Have continued a mild bit of Etsy success with another 20ish k this year from it. This all does not include custom work for corporate clients. The off-road parts I make and small batch cuts for other local businesses. I do all of this on the side from my main job. I hope it gives you an idea.

Sean S.

( Apple Valley, California, USA )

I got mine last November and I have just about made my investment back on my 4×4.

Rodz Welding

( Dunnellon, Florida, USA )

Had it for a year now, I owe a little less than half its cost, it has paid itself, next year should be all profit. A few signs here and there, too much work cleaning up the signs, use it to make parts mostly, It opened up new doors in my welding business.

Brian F.

( Culpeper, Virginia, USA )

I can’t say I have had some of the I depth issues but it makes me happy when someone gets it sorted. I believe this company has great tech support. I work for a $7 Billion software company and tech support is as important as anything else. 

I have had fantastic results with the small issues I have. I am thankful for this group and the engineers at STVCNC.

Cameron H.

( Las Vegas, Nevada, USA )

I really bought the table to help with parts I was already hand cutting but then it turned into a little bit more. I keep a separate log of work that the table benefits and I’m averaging an extra $1000 a month just from the table. Keep in mind I do this from my garage and average 15-20 hours of work a week. It’s been pretty beneficial and a lot easier than hand cutting all the gussets and plates I use for rock sliders.

Thank you for all the work you’re putting in to make this easier on us owners. Greatly appreciated!

You’re all a great team and I’m glad I decided to go with STV.

Bob K.

( Alpharetta, Georgia, USA )

I made plenty of money with my table- mostly with signs for commercial businesses, since there are too many places with lasers mass-producing the generic stuff like gnomes, door hangers, etc. You won’t be disappointed with your STV.

Asheer A.

Kansas City, Missouri, USA )

Ready to join the club. Just waiting on the last components. This table is well built and worth the wait. 

Steve A.

( Manchester, New Jersey, USA )

My company recently purchased a 5×10 table with laptop and hypertherm 65. They had a few back ordered parts, mostly electronic parts, but shipped what they had on the day they said they would ship. It was a few extra days then I had expected or wanted to receive the electronic parts but Ricardo kept in contact with me about it all and he was awesome throughout the whole process. The machine was pretty simple to put together, the directions Def needed a little work but they were OK. I have run a few high end tables and my own custom built machine running Mach 3 so the software isn’t great, not many bells and whistles, but it is very basic and very simple and Def gets the job done. I spent about 45 min on the phone with Fernando (the tech guy) who helped me out and answered every question I had about the software and hooked me up with adjusting some settings to make the machine run better and went over how to use it. I have only cut about a dozen parts so far, and it worked great. I cut 1/8 aluminum diamond plate and 1/8 aluminum sheet. Both materials were nice clean cuts, very little dross and cut to size. I would Def recommend this machine to anyone looking for an entry level budget unit. Kudos to Ricardo and Fernando and all the guys at stv cnc. I will be doing a review after I have ran the table for about 30 days so be on the lookout.

Tim A.

( Valencia, California, USA )  

Hands down the best company/people to work with. Angel is freakin awesome!! Time to head back and put this thing together and start cutting again!! THANKS FOR EVERYTHING ANGEL!!

Preston B.

( Gorham, New Hampshire, USA )  

STV CNC tables are top notch and the customer service is top notch. I love my machine. It is so much better and user friendly than my last machine. Great people, great company with great machines.

Gary B.

( New Florence, Missouri, USA ) ✅ 

I got the PRO12 and Hypertherm Powermax 85. I got all the extras that were available. Very happy with the purchase.

James B.

( Tucson, Arizona, USA ) ✅ 

This is pretty cool: one of my clients wanted to make a 6 foot wide gate based on this design of their light sconces. I took this photo by putting a piece of paper between the light and frame of the scones. I used Photoshop to clean up the image and change it to the proportions of the clients opening. I vectored the image using Inkscape and just cut out these three parts to fill the gate space. The left and right pieces will be stationary and the center portion hinged. The table really is working wonders.

Jason B.

( Excel, Alabama, USA ) ✅ 

Hoping to test run this weekend but just wanted to say thanks to everyone in the group and to STV Damien for giong out of the way to help me ! Best customer service!

Crimson Welding

( Alpharetta, Georgia, USA )

Absolutely loving my STVCNC table. Out of the box this thing is awesome! I only have a few hours of play time on it and I’m getting it dialed in pretty quickly. I have a good bit of work coming up for it and can’t wait to put it to work. Few pits heading out to customers today! Should have another trailer full, ready by the end of the week. @stvcnc table making it happen! #firepits #steelfirepits #custommetalwork #cncplasmacutting #hypertherm #welder #americanmade #cncplasma #cummins #cnc #plasmacutting #hypertherm

Brandon C.

( Clearfield, Utah, USA )

I really like that stv damien has been answering questions and interacting on here it is alot better since i bought my table a year and a half ago and it was just owners that were all learning at the same time with a few that were very knowledgeable. This group has made the decision of going with STV the best choice. Thank you STV and all the knowledgeable owners that i learned from! It has not gone un-noticed. …for sure my friend. Hope all is well and your cutting like crazy. I know i have been i had to stop building art to keep up with my side by side parts. Business is booming!

Richard J. C.

( Gunnison, Colorado, USA )

I have 5 ×10 table from STV. Great table and great service !!!

Troy C.

Woodward Fab ( Hartland, Michigan, USA )

I absolutely love my table. I needed a tray for my brake. 16ga was probably a bit overkill, but it’s what I had on the table. It came out pretty good. I can definitely see where I need to change a few things, but overall it was a success. #stvcnc #makestuff #cncplasmatable #woodwardfab #sheetmetalbrake

Daniel C.

I have had cnc tables for 15 years… I bought a STV CNC table a few months ago and LOVE it…… Does what I want When I Want and is very Precise…. STV CNC Las Vegas Nevada


( Terra Haute, Indiana, USA )

I have the 5×10 modular with the 45xp and have no issues. Was a pain assembling but once that’s done it runs smoothly. Customer service is great! They will even go as far as a video chat to help you figure out an issue. Great company!

Shane E.

( Edgefield, South Carolina, USA )

Just a great call, speaking with Ms. Angel. She gave me the confidence needed in the company’s support and willingness to pursue customer satisfaction to the fullest. Great technical information and was able to find all the info I needed. Well done.

Blake E.

( Las Vegas, Nevada, USA )

Today I was able to bust out some cuts on a STV CNC plasma table and they turned out amazing! This table made the cuts exactly how I drew them on the program and did ZERO grinding on them!! Definitely would recommend these tables to anyone from the hobbyist like myself or full blow production work they will fit your needs! And thanks Fernando for the tech support! I HIGHLY recommend these!!!

Steven E.

( Fresno, California, USA )

I picked up my table today!! Best customer service ever!! Can’t wait to get it up and running.

Bret F.

( Aitkin, Minnesota, USA )

Google their website.  They have what you are looking for.  I’m currently dealing with them now. Excellent staff to deal with!  Very helpful and willing to help you out with this.  I’ll have mine in a few weeks.

Josh W. F.

( Coweta, Oklahoma, USA )

You guys have Top Notch Tech support ! Heck they probably know all the names of the guys in our shop we called so much. Y’all are Awesome !

Marc F.

( Las Cruces, New Mexico, USA )

I was just reaching out to you to see how things are going there as some from the facebook page think it is hard to reach someone at STV and I am paranoid after the Wright CNC disaster.  But the main reason I called is to let you know how much I like your system, it has performed flawlessly and is so superior in all aspects than what I had.  If you ever have a potential customer that would like to talk to someone with your products for information, you can certainly give them my phone number.

Jason G.

( Mountain View, Arkansas, USA )

You guys make an absolutely stout table. I am extremely impressed with the quality. And the simplicity of the operation. Thank you and all your staff.

Jeff G.

( Apache Junction, Arizona, USA )

Best tables… Best support on the market hands down… !!! … I love my STV table…

Merry Christmas….thank you for all your help and the massive support you all give. It really is great…y’all have made us all professionals….!!!…I for one am really looking forward to what the new year brings….just hang on tight cus it’s going to be one hell of a fast ride…!!!…

Tim G.

( Harrison, Tennessee, USA )

We have had the 5×5 plasma table for 4 months. The table is perfect for our small business.  It’s always unnerving when something breaks, but we called yesterday and we received the replacement part today on the east coast. I’m not sure anyone can expect better customer service than that. Thanks Guys!

Patrick G.

( Waco, Texas, USA )

Their customer service has been best in the industry. I have had more issues installing my table components and these guys literally were answering questions while having dinner with their family. What can I say about that! I’m excited to get to work with my new table! 5 star company!

Steven G. ( Clearwater, Florida, USA )

These guys are top notch. I purchased a 4×4 table from them. They are honest and the table is perfect for my needs. Everyone there has helped me answer questions. I couldn’t be happier. Steven G. STV 4×4 Plasma Table owner.

Time After Purchase: We sell a crap ton of art … you get what you put in.

Wendy G.

G’s Cutting Solutions ( Rio Rico, Arizona, USA )

Merry Christmas to all of you from G’s Cutting Solutions…aka Wendy, Ricardo and Sparky… thank you for everything during our first 9 months… looking forward to what 2022 brings!


B&G Fabrications ( Landers, California, USA ) This new table did an awesome job cutting aluminum🤘 @dragnknights @c10_builds @stvcnc

Chris H.

( Roseburg, Oregon, USA )
Wanted a fun retirement job and had zero experience with CNC. Did a ton of research and called STV. After talking with Angel, ordered the table and cutter. Took a while to get everything here and set up and with help of Barry and everyone we are set up and running. Very happy with STV and the help from everyone on this page as well!

Lacey H.

( Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA )

2 days worth of figuring out our machine and we have already come so far! Thank you so much for all your support STV!

Varnica H.

I shopped different companies, and STV CNC customer service and feedback from existing customer’s experience on customer service is what sold me to spend money with them…I am really satisfied after buying from them!


Hammer Forge Fabrication (Alvarado, Texas, USA )
I have a Sparx4800. Best money I have spent!!!


Hanson Welding ( Reno, Nevada, USA )
Still learning the software but this is my first design that is 100% mine. It’s not much but it’s a start. From a hand sketch to a cad drawing to cut “letter openers” never realized how computer illiterate I was until I got this machine. Been living under a rock. #cnc #plasmatable #letteropener #throwingknives #survivalknives #tacticalgear #caveman #stoneage #icantype2wordsamin #alwayslearning Still can’t say enough about this whole setup. @stvcnc 5×10 plasma table runs great even while I’m still crawling @everlastwelders 102i plasma cutter puts down more power than I know what to do with and I almost forgot about the @eastwoodco quiet scroll compressor because I can’t even hear it running Definitely the most impressive air compressor I’ve ever used – #stvcnc #cncplasmatable #cutmetal #metalwork #plasmatable #madeintheusa #fabrication #cnc #hypertherm #metalart #amada #masterofmetals #plasmacutting #metalart #madeintheusa #cncplasma

Zachary H.

Very helpful was a great experience. (review/feedback via CIT)


TD Welding Services (Box Elder, South Dakota, USA)
Been a busy week! Here’s a look at the process that went into setting up the new @stvcnc . Finally got to fire up the table and make some sparks. Already have some special orders to complete. If you are in need of any metal decor or parts contact me @tate_dewey_ ! #cnc #cncplasma #metalart #smallbusiness

Kirk L.

( Las Vegas, Nevada, USA )
STVCNC has been professional in every way, from the guys in the shop, technical support, the ladies in the office and the owner Andrei. Initially I had a poor experience with another CNC manufacturer, so I was very cautious. At STV there was no pressure, they just told me what they had to offer, showed me their manufacturing facility. They told me exactly what they were going to do and how long it would take, and that’s exactly what they did. I am extremely happy with my machine and how well I was taken care of. 

So I just finished my SparX Pro upgrade. It is the PRO 4 which fits perfect in my garage, and makes the steel sheets easier to handle. I made my first cut and it work perfect. I have been so happy with my Standard SparX that there was really no reason to look at other brands. Now let the serious cutting begin. For this table I had a custom Stainless steel water pan made, I’m curious about the first pan clean. It should be better.

Jake K.

Hilbre Auto Service Inc. (Manitoba, Canada)

After researching a multitude of available CNC Plasma systems available on the market for our growing Auto & Customizing shop, we had narrowed it down to 3 systems that were quality built and in the price range we needed to be in. STV won our purchase simply because they actually answered our phone calls, each and every time, and had someone on the line that could answer our questions. We received our table in January and, after a small learning curve, have our table generating us the products we need, reliably and with better then anticipated quality. STV has been consistent in problem solving any setup issues we encountered . I would highly recommend an STV table for your shop / garage. Jake & Kate Hilbre Auto Service

Cleaning day today. After 7 months of running the table hard it was time (way over due actually) to do a proper clean-up, flip the slats, adjust the motors, and make sure everything was still smooth. I will say I have neglected the maintenance part a little and am very impressed how little wear and play there was anywhere on the table. Nice to have a quality piece of machinery in the shop that isn’t phazed by a little abuse and neglect.

Mike L.

(Montrose, Colorado)

One of the big goals for me has been to be able to do our own 3/8″ plate. Our number one product uses these and we go through a ton. Our laser guy has been killing us at about $500 to cut a sheet of these. Happy to finally have these dialed to the point I can get these done in-house now.


(Curwensville, Pennsylvania)
I have the STV4800, breakaway torch, and hypertherm 65. So far I have cut 1/16”, 1/8”, and 1/2” steel, no problem. I like the twin bearings on all axis, it is a well built machine. The software is easy to use, and seems to do everything I have needed thus far. Any specific questions? Support was very responsive when I was building the machine, I haven’t needed them since. Got my machine on july 9th, overall I’m impressed with the quality of the components. So far I’ve assembled the frame, leveled and squared it. My concrete floor was not leveled enough, so I asked customer support what they recommended, the response was that they had an optional leveling kit for $300. I just used a floor jack and bolted pieces of 6×6 to the legs. Customer support is very responsive, and helpful. Kipp

Aahna L.

I bought a plasma table and 2 days later after I received it I’m up and running. I’m really satisfied with the product. Great customer support.

Angelos L.

Really professional shop, very knowledgeable staff, Quick turnaround, great product at great prices.

Aaron M.

Timely delivery, fantastic customer service, quality product, they answer the phone and happily answer any questions you have, no regrets.

Chip M.

These folks deliver a great product and are there to help whenever you need them.  I have a small sign and graphics business and they have made it possible for me to offer my customers goods and services previously beyond my reach.


Mad Design LLC ( Woodstock, Georgia)
Got the new plasma table assembled and tested. Working great right from the start! We’re cranking out some logos/lettering for a pediatrician’s office this morning on the new #stvcnc plasma table. It cuts flawlessly. #maddesignsllc #cncplasmacutting #customsigns #woodstockga


Most underrated tables on the market these tables are a huge bang for the buck you guys did a great job.


Yeah, I got mine for right at 10k Sparx 510, Hypertherm 65 and loving it! Thanks STV!

I have only had mine set up a few days at this point, so everything is new and still being tested. I can say I have not had any issues and I am completely satisfied with my decision. I did a lot of research and I have been in the market for a while looking at the plasma process. I have seen various tables in use and I have heard horror stories about customer service and technical failures over time, so I can speak with some certainty. First, do NOT try to build your own table to save money!! Watch the “Makers Table” videos to see the problems of a guy who built his own table and eventually bought a second one. Second, if you are not going to do “industrial” scale work (I cant see myself ever cutting anything over 1/2″ and not large scale production) you can get by with a cheaper table! STV CNC has a pro series that is much heavier duty, but it is not necessary if $$ is a serious issue. I looked at buying the Lincoln table out of Reno a couple of times, almost bought it at SEMA. But STV has a great product and it is close to me – so it was a simple decision after going and visiting the company and seeing the table options as well as having done so much research. Proximity and quality made it an easy decision.

OK, so my input is limited to a single plasma table – the Sparx 5×10. But I looked at a lot of tables and did a lot of research. For me, based on my experience, I have no complaints with STV CNC and I really like the product! My situation is based in part on my proximity to the manufacturer. I went and picked up my table which saved me about $1000 delivery fee. The package was all inclusive, including the table, the plasma cutter, the controller and the software. I purchased the Eastwood QST 30/60 air compressor and a large capacity dessicant and air dryer system which is dedicated for the table. After the initial purchase, I have found STV CNC to be very responsive with customer service questions. Being able to call and ask a question and get a quick answer has saved me time and frustration with small issues – usually just quick questions about simple things. Also, I see STV CNC as expanding their options and offering upgrades, as well as offering a fully welded “professional” system which is really just a heavy duty chassis for the table. My only complaint is the software. I have found the system to be stable and easy to setup and start with, I have had few issues and all were easily resolved as user interface issues, never an unknown error that made no sense or required significant technical input. Software is decent, works and gets you going fast! I would say that it is not ROBUST because it is a “hobbyist” program and not intended for manufacturing. But I also admit that I jumped in so fast and started cutting before I knew much about the program and I prefer to get going and start cutting and learn from mistakes rather than have “errors” stop me from cutting. You need to ask yourself how much you are going to replace vs. how much will be saved from your current system. If you upgrade to a larger table, consider the heavier chassis and of course a larger plasma unit to get the most out of your purchase. I truly enjoy the STV CNC and am absolutely happy with my decision and I like the guys that answer the phone Rocky and Fernando. This is my opinion, based 100% on my own purchase (full price and not so much as a sticker or t-shirt) so that is what I think! Good luck!

Christopher M.

( Pine Island, Minnesota )

Mine was shipped from Vegas to Minnesota, it took a while for the shipper but not for STV. My equipment went all over the place (XPO) it went way out of route that didn’t even make sense. I finally received a call from the shipper saying that they had my product and it was one piece. Well they left the other 4 hours away. I called Angel, she was on it and took care of the issue. It is in no way STV’s issue, things are just taking a long time. You will be very happy with your purchase, I’ve never received customer service like I have with these great people!!

Linda Ray M.

( Charlotte, North Carolina )

I have had my table for 6 months (4×4 modular) and can tell you it is a workhorse, the few issues I did encounter was ALL operator errors. Barry, Angel and the crew are top shelf and customer service is amazing, the owner’s forum is the most helpful one I belong to and STV is active there too.

Saverio M.

Stv cnc is the best for the money.


(Phoenix, Arizona)
The folks at STV are awesome, nothing but good things to say so far. After doing their on-site training and demoing their machines, I’m really glad I purchased from them.


Overkill Garage ( Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, USA ) ✅
I love having a plasma table. – #mazda #mazdamiata #mazdamx5 #mx5 #overkillgarage #nbmiata #miatakart #miatakartsofmurica #ghettocet #exocar #tubecar #lsswap #l33 #v8miata #plasmatable #cncplasma #stvcnc

Alan O.

( Phelan, California, USA ) ✅

Everyone at STVCNC are awesome, couldn’t have asked for a better company to go with. They go way above and beyond for anyone.


Erik P.

In the market for a table. I stopped into their shop. This company is awesome. They answer the phone, welcome you into the shop, show you around, take as much time as you need and answer all the questions you may have. I will definitely be buying one of these tables. They have great customer service and I’m very impressed with the business.

Colin R.

Great table for the money! Customer service was good!

Zack R.

Very high-quality table, well designed, rigid and super smooth. Their support is amazing, perhaps the best I’ve ever had. Their knowledgeable and friendly staff are working with me closely on a custom part for my table. They go above and beyond and very much so understand and support the product they are building and offering. It’s been a simple pleasure doing business with them.

Amelia R.

I am using the 5×5 CNC plasma table that I bought last year and it is working very smoothly. I appreciate their product.

Jody R.

They have a few logistics issues but everything else, incredible, they made this baby sing… Making art will never be the same.

Amber S.

Best customer service I have ever had. They went above and beyond.

Darrin S.

( Spring Hill, Kansas, USA )

First full sheet with the new table and couldn’t be happier!

Josh S. ( Greensboro, North Carolina, USA )
Seriously happy with this machine! Got the table in almost half the time quoted. While the hypertherm 65 was a very long wait, STVCNC kept me up to date with the wait times and what number I was in line for. Cut the usual test part out. Made some shock mount tabs just playing around with it getting used to everything. Then went all in fast on our first serious part- a high steer steering arm! Few 16 gauge test parts for fitment then went straight to 1/2” for the big production run. Super impressed with what this thing produces. All settings were straight out of the Hypertherm® manual, and I used MyMiniCAD for all the drawing on my MS surface pro. Yes, I know it’s a basic program, but for the parts we’re making, it fits the bill perfectly. (Yes, I know I need to bring the water level up haha) FYI- this is my first time ever running a plasma table…

Michael S.

I am very pleased with STV. I had asked a question on the forum about the homing sensors. They reached out to me and got me squared away. Every single issue we’ve had has been operator error and they have helped us through it. These guys are top notch! Equipment is useless without the support. Baby steps for me for sure and they got me squared away.

It is definitely a must! These guys have exceeded my expectations in support.

I couldn’t be happier with my table, the company has stood by their product.

Awesome company, I have had every question answered. They walked me through starting with 0 experience with CNC cutting. The table is definitely well built and Quality machine work.

Can’t say enough great things about these guys! Customer support is on point! I had 0 cnc experience, 3 months later we are killing it! Sparx 4800 with all the upgrades.

They are seriously the best customer service I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with.

You guys are doing amazing, It’s crazy the amount of common startup questions you guys have addressed. It’s also nice that you can usually just ask in the community and get answers as well.

Tim S.

Talk about service!! Wow I’m impressed! They are ahead of the game! Glad I own an STV!!!!!!

Brandon S.

Just picked up our new table! Guys were great, awesome training and was loaded up by the time we got done, now that’s service!


I have a SparXPro 4800 with a Hypertherm 45xp absolutely in love with my table. No issues, cuts flawlessly. Excellent build quality. accurate cuts and is capable of fast work with fine details. The welded frame allowed me to build a metal organizing rack underneath the table.


SN Fabrication (North Hampton, Pennsylvania, USA)
Finally got this thing dialed in and sorted out and I’m loving it! @stvcnc Can’t wait to use this for all my projects from now on! Going to make designing and cutting parts so much easier and more fun haha🙌🏼 Just need to get my water table all filled up now and I’m good to go🔥. Always putting my @stvcnc table to work🔥 Contact me for any cnc cutting needs #slicknickfab #customfabrication #cncplasma #cncplasmacutting #cnctables #plasmacutting #fabshop #fabrication #metalfabrication #cnc #slicknickfab #customfabrication #stvcnc #cncplasma


Tater Fab ( Plant City, Florida, USA )
Tonight we put a hurting on some 1/4″ plate cutting slider feet and gussets with the @stvcnc table and @hypertherminc plasma. This is way quicker than doing all this by hand! #speedmode #improve #cncplasma #cncmachine

Chris T.

( Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, USA )

Just got off the phone with customer service best call ever, got me back up and running! If you not computer savvy you best be calling I don’t recommend hard restarts! Thanks to the staff for keeping me alive again! Here are some of this weeks projects

James T.

( Buffalo, New York, USA )   

Amazing piece of equipment for the price point. We are very happy with ours.

Brandon W.

( Phoenix, Arizona, USA )   

Hey everyone, love my table, it’s been a workhorse for us.

Andy W.

Westfall Welding & Fabrication ( New Castle, Pennsylvania, USA )   

Glad I went with STV … No payments, all mine.

Chad W.

True South Custom Design ( Candler, North Carolina, USA ) 
My wife and I purchased the STV CNC SparX 505 plasma table late last year for our new company called TrueSouthCustomDesign. We are SO pleased with the table! It has exceeded our expectations. I have operated other plasma tables that cost three times the amount we paid and our STV table is just as good if not better. Thank you to all the folks at STV for the support and excellent customer service!

Curtis W.

( Albany, Oregon USA ) 
STV®CNC Online Support Ticket System:
Good job guys! These are the types of things that make me glad I bought an stv table.

Edward W.

I bought a 4×4 plasma table over a month ago and I’m really happy with it . Very clean cuts. 5 stars customer support . I was up and running in 2 days and remotely they help me to setup and learn the software.

James W.

( Magnolia, Texas USA )   

Just wanted to post a little review for our new 5×10 Pro. One of the first cuts we made was on 1 A-572-50 plate. I was honestly surprised at the quality of the cut, using used consumables on a Hypertherm 105  plasma. There are a few little quirks here and there that we’ve worked thru or dealt with. But the fact is it’s up and running and making money since day one. And it’s running at least a half day every day.  The only issue I’m having is with the torch arc height control. We’re having to set it up manually, it doesn’t seem to have ever adjusted as it’s cutting. This is frustrating as it will eat thru consumables if your not careful. I don’t know why you can’t adjust the TAHC while the machine is in motion? This seems to remind me of the first gen table systems. But overall I’ve been happy with the purchase. I’ve been doing Fab work for over 30 years, I’d rate this as a light commercial grade machine. It definitely is making money. There are 14-16 guys in my shop, they are rarely waiting on cut parts. And we haven’t touched a damn track torch since we started it up.

Wayne W.

Cool deal. Thanks for getting my PS out so fast. Back up and running in no time.

Walker Metal

Walker Custom Metal ( Savannah, Georgia ) ✅
It is the spark table. It’s 100x nicer than the one I had before. I don’t think STV can be beat for the price right now.

Aaron W.

( Las Vegas, Nevada ) ✅

Hello Everyone! My name is Aaron and I recently purchased a STVCNC Sparx pro8. Set up was super smooth and the team over at STVCNC are top notch when it comes to customer service. I’ve only had my machine a couple months but the quality of machine is top notch. I wanted to introduce myself officially because I’ve needed help (and received said help) and thought it was rude to not greet the newly acquired family. Thank you and glad to meet and work with everyone here.

Yeti Welding Co.

Yeti Welding Co. ( Spanish Fork, Utah ) 
Game changer for Yeti Welding to have our own fully running functional 5×10 plasma table!! I’ve been dreaming of owning a table for ten plus years! 3/4” plate? Sure!! 8 plates cut out with the holes in under 25 minutes not to shabby! What would have taken me 4 or 5 hours of cutting, marking and drilling in a matter of minutes!! Plus I was still welding and prepping other parts while it was doing it! Need something? Message me! @stvcnc table killing it with the big table! I figured since I already drew the whole staircase up in @sketchup_official I may as well export some quick DXF files to the @stvcnc table and just cut them the easy way! 45amp tip with the @hypertherminc 85 running about 90inches per minute only took 3 minutes to cut 46 holes!! Yeah I’ll do it again for sure! #cnc #engeneering #welder #welding #weld #weldernation #crazyhair #crazyhairdontcare #hairstyles #curlsfordays #custom #Utah #usa @stvcnc #welding #weld #welder #weldernation #cnc #stvcnc #stv #fabrication #fab #fabricationnation #hustle #custom #workhard #workhardplayhard