How to make money with metal art

If you enjoy plasma cutting and you’re even a little artistically motivated, there are many ways to make money on the side using your metal art with cutting skills. The primary idea is to create beautiful metal work and sell it; either locally or through online portals.

The field of metal art includes a variety of creative representations, signs, and sculptures formed using metal as the main medium. Unlike certain other types of professionals, artists who specialize in metal art have several innovative opportunities to earn money.

There are many strategies to make money, however, it is important to appreciate that there is no pre-determined, rigidly defined list of metal art ideas to make money because, in reality, any idea has the potential to net you profit. The only condition in all of this is that the quality of work is to the standard required and expected by the client and, that you provide them a product which is suitable for them both in form as well as in function.

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Creating Sales Channels for a Metal Art Work

The sales mechanisms for metal work people are to some extent different from a typical B2B or B2C retail operation. Although it’s possible to sell your metal art creations from a retail space in a strip mall, the custom nature of the skill has resulted in a greater success through alternative sales channels.

  • Online

You can make good money by selling your metal art online. Build a website and use social media platforms to display your metal work. Showcase your art on your site, and make a signature that appears beneath your name when you send emails. You can also sell metal work through local stores. You may find many metal art stores in your region that feature local metal artists.

  • Craft Shows and Festivals

If your metal work projects primarily sell small pieces of custom art for home usage, consider renting table space at craft shows and festivals. You can make some general art pieces for sale at the event and influence personal marketing policies to take orders for products that can be personalized back at your workshop.

  • Garden Art

Millions of people have gardens, and most of them want them to look pleasant. Metal work in the garden is something that is always a big seller. You can make something as simple as a garden stake, or something as large as a garden arch, wagon, benchor a table with chairs. You can also make small art projects with metal creatures and animals. This is a big moneymaker for sure!

  • Gallery Displays

If you’re looking to make the move to fine art deals, you’ll need to make a number of works and secure gallery engagements for publicity. Ideally, the style of your gallery work will at least be meaningful of your commercial pieces, giving you the ability to increase the demand for your products in both the retail and fine art fields.