What is a CNC Plasma Table and Why Should I Buy One?

Why You Should Buy a Plasma Cutting Table?

The plasma cutting table is one of the most fine-tuned, broadly used, efficient and versatile tools for cutting even heavyweight and thick materials quite quickly. When it comes to cutting materials for various types of manufacturing and construction applications, nothing gets the job done quite like a CNC plasma cutting table. Plasma cutting machines are computer automated, which allows for an incredibly high level accuracy for a precise cut every single time. They are successfully used in the metal cutting processes in the manufacturing, agricultural, engineering and construction industries. A CNC plasma table can change the way you cut metal, serving as the perfect addition for a small shop, a metal artist or a hobbyist and it can help save time, material and money.

In addition to the benefits explained above, we also provide excellent support for our CNC Plasma tables, including lifetime support, one-year warranty on labor and parts. We know our products and we provide the support and training your shop needs to make full and efficient use of our CNC plasma machines.

So What Exactly is Plasma Cutting?

Plasma cutting is a common method used by a whole range of industries to cut iron, stainless steel, aluminum and other metals using a plasma torch. Plasma cutters work by sending an electric arc through a gas that is passing through a constricted opening. The gas can be shop air, nitrogen, argon, oxygen. etc. This elevates the temperature of the gas to the point that it enters a 4th state of matter. We commonly think of matter having three states: a solid, a liquid, and a gas but scientist refer to plasma as the fourth state. Matter changes from one state to the other through the introduction of energy, such as heat.

It simple words, gas is blown at high speed from a nozzle while an electrical arc melts the element and compressed air to blow away the molten element. Table plasma cutting table is extensively used in pressure vessels, automobiles, locomotives, chemical appliances, engineering machinery, steel buildings, nuclear industry, general machinery, ships, and other industry areas.

The following are the few advantages of using a Plasma Cutting Table:

  1. Versatility

Plasma cutting tables can be used on different types of metal depending on the project. With a plasma cutter, you can cut all various kinds of metal in a wide range of thicknesses, such as stainless steel, aluminum, and copper as thick as 2.5″. They operate with extreme efficiency and, in many cases, are able to cut up to 200 inches per minute.

  1. Ease of Use

No complex knowledge or adjustments are necessary to operate our CNC plasma cutting tables. In the past, plasma tables were limited to large companies and operation that could afford the expensive price tag. Thankfully, advances in technology have meant that faster cutting and higher productivity is now available to smaller shops and to home CNC machine owners. Some plasma tables are so handy that just one person can comfortably handle and operate the whole process.

  1. Precision and Speed

Precision cutting is one of the significant advantages of a plasma table, particularly when it comes to consistently cutting different shapes, sizes, or angles with sheet metal. Our plasma tables come with automatic height detection so they can deliver accurate, high quality cuts with no variations that meet even the strictest tolerances regardless of material. If you are still cutting metal by hand then you are doing it wrong. Plasma tables are five times faster than traditional, standard torches, and are able to cut up to 200 inches/minute.

  1. Cost Effective

Stop unnecessary material waste and get the most out of your material sheets with one of our plasma tables. You can easily setup your projects into effective grids so that the plasma table can precisely use the smallest amount of material as possible thereby reducing waste and getting more money our of each sheet of material. Additionally, because your cutting process is more efficient and effective, you reduce the need for excessive shop labor which can also save your business money in the long run.