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428934 Powermax® 85A Mechanized SYNC® Cartridge


85 A mechanized cartridges provide optimal production performance when cutting within the thickness range of 10 mm (3/8″) to 16 mm (5/8″) thick. Exceeding optimal thickness range can result in decreases in speed and cut quality. To maximize cartridge life and performance select the correct amperage cartridge for the workpiece you are cutting.

Type: Mechanized Cut (85 A)
Series: SYNC®
Compatible with: Mechanized SmartSYNC® torches for the Powermax85/105 SYNC® systems
Quantity per order: 1 piece/cartridge

Availability: In stock

Why Choose Hypertherm SYNC® Cartridges?

Top Benefits of SYNC® Cartridges


  • Cartridge lasts up to twice as long when hand cutting and provides improved cut quality for mechanized torch simpler ordering and inventory management
  • Traditional consumable pieces wear out at different times/rates


  • Avoid having to stock 5 different consumable parts on hand
  • After a quick install onto the torch, system automatically sets the correct amperage without guessing, sets air pressure and goes into cutting mode.
  • SYNC torch has built-in controls which allow the operator to adjust the amperage and turn the torch on and off without returning to the power supply.
  • Alleviates the process of training on-site employees on usage
  • Ability to swap out for other cutting styles: Drag cutting, Bevel cutting, Fine feature cutting, Flush cutting, Extended reach cutting, Gouging


  • Cartridge Reader allows to analyze performance for starts, transfers, arc-on time, and other valuable cartridge data from the cut job into your project cost analysis for customers
  • Cartridge notifies 1st and 2nd end of life alerts.
  • Cartridge data can help you spot issues early on before consumable life is impacted or a specific project mid cut.


  • Reduce inspection time with consumables
  • Reduce troubleshooting down to one cartridge piece, instead of 5 pieces in the correct order.

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MILD STEEL - 65A - Air


ALUMINUM - 85A - Air

How Powermax SYNC® will change the way you work.

What is Powermax SYNC®? Tell me more about sync consumables

Benefits of Hypertherm® cartridges

Cartridge Consumable replaces five consumable parts with one

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