Hypertherm® Powermax SYNC™ Cartridge Reader


The Hypertherm® cartridge reader works with the Powermax SYNC™ cartridge reader app to provide a simple process for reviewing data stored in Hypertherm® cartridges. The cartridge reader fits into the cartridge and works with the near-field communication (NFC) antenna of your mobile device to transfer data stored in the cartridge into the app. Data in the app can then be imported into the cartridge excel data analysis tool, or a customer created tool, to analyze performance for starts, transfers, arc-on time, and other valuable cartridge data. Analysis of this data helps customers better understand cartridge utilization and identify operator training opportunities.

The Powermax SYNC cartridge reader app can be downloaded from most popular app stores.

Type: App-Ready Cartridge Reader
Series: SYNC™
Compatible with: SmartSYNC® Cartridges for Powermax65/85/105 SYNC® systems
Quantity per order: 1 piece/cartridge

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Hypertherm® Powermax SYNC™ Cartridge Reader

Change the way you work.

Easy to use

Simplify consumable inventory

& eliminate setup errors.

Productivity gains

Minimizes downtime &


Innovative smart system

End-of-life detection with

Advanced torch communication.

Cartridge performance data

App-Ready dedicated data retrieval

for tracking & to analyze usage.

Watch Helpful Powermax SYNC™ Cartridge Reader Videos

Why choose the Powermax SYNC™ Cartridge Reader?

Instead of five consumable parts, Powermax SYNC systems with their included SmartSYNC™ torch, need only one! Your SmartSYNC™ torch will automatically adjust the amperage and choose the right cutting or gouging mode. Your torch will also tell you when the cartridge consumable is worn out and needs to be replaced. You no longer need to check by unscrewing the stack-up and looking at the electrode. Read the following articles for more information.

Have any Hypertherm® Manuals I can look at?

Reader User Guide

Cartridge Reader Instructions

Data Analysis Tool

Operator Manual

Mechanized Guide

Reference Guide

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