Modular Plasma Tables come with these Base Model Features

Below you will see the features that come along with your Base model purchase of this CNC Plasma Table.

Features of the STVCNC Plasma Table

Features: Detailed Descriptions of all your base model features.



This Plasma Table is engineered and built with the concept of a Modular Frame. Its rigidity and industrial intent is able to withstand a steel plate up to one inch thick.



Whether you choose to add a Laptop to your order or not, your plasma table will include software and licenses to control cutting functions, nest and automate tasks. Your introductory class will guide you through the programs simple features and configurations you’ll need to understand and perform better.


Included with your CNC table are a list of PDF manuals such as: Preparation, Initial Setup, Assembly and Homing. The Instruction Manuals contain large pictures and instructions to guide you through it all. If you should have any issue along the way, we are more than glad to assist you. Call us 1-888-701-7101.



A high performance torch height control (THC) is essential to getting the most out of your CNC plasma table. Our THC utilizes advanced processor technology, the THC can be set to respond to cutting conditions that rival products costing thousands of dollars more has the control, accuracy, adjustable features as our THC.​


Every CNC Plasma Table includes 4 Industry-standard Nema Motors. Your included Warranty protects your motors for One Year, but if you would like to extend the life of your motors further, one can look into upgrading to a GEAR REDUCTION KIT.



Our Electrical Assembly Department is dedicated in producing handcrafted automation wiring. We offer durable, long-lasting wiring that can withstand bending and temperature. All Cables are carefully prepared, soldered, sealed and labeled in-house with a high standard in mind.


Have peace of mind in knowing that our control box and table will function with your newest model computer through USB connectivity avoiding the hassle of any unsupported or outdated hardware/cables.


Every CNC Plasma Table comes with a set of 2″ inch flat bar slats that insert into the water pan slots. When you see that the slats have a high amount of wear and tear these slats can be replaced with new slats which you can easily cut using your CNC Plasma Table.



Our in-house STV® team members cut, bend, weld, paint, sticker, install and test all the components that the Control box is comprised of. The sturdy, floating box is equipped with a standard ventilation system, power button and E-Stop. We strive to produce an excellent product and true customer support in troubleshooting issues if it should come to pass.



We have included two Advanced Cable Tracks that conceal the automation cables and the torch cable away from the plasma table’s moving parts providing safety, efficiency and a standard for organized systems. One can use a 1/8″ inch screwdriver to release the removable clips along both tracks for quarterly cleaning access. Cable Tracks are reversible for left or right side track installation.


With the provided control program, MyPlasmCNC, you will be able to cut, manage the piercing lead-ins and lead-outs, nest and automate repeating tasks. A helpful add-on to your order is the Automatic Homing Kit to facilitate daily tasks.



Modular water pans & your first set of replaceable slats are included. Filling up your water pans with water mixed with our STV Blue Plasma Quench will help extend the life of your water pans and prevent rust and debris.



Along the Y-Axis of the table, the fully assembled linear guides are built inhouse with ball-bearing dual carriages on each side for gliding fluidity and include a solid rack and pinion setup for the motors.


Engineered and fully built like the Linear Guides, the X-Axis Gantry is in the spotlight of the table sidelining a rear cable track carrier, all of its components are fully machined in-house and contribute to smooth gliding motions. 



The Z-Axis is a work of Engineering Art with its multifaceted abilities to expand to upgraded features like a Magnetic Breakaway, Gear Reduction and future concept attachments we have in mind. The Triple Linear Guides and Dual Motors across the X-Axis Gantry and the Z-Axis convey a complete sense of Engineering Ingenuity as all the components work in unison to offer a top of the line product. The Billet Precision Ball Lead Screw allows the THC to rapidly and smoothly perform on point maneuverability and provide excellent results.


The STV®CNC Magnetic Breakaway Kit prevents any unforeseen discarded production pieces from interrupting the path of your moving Torch, possible damage to your Z-Axis, Gantry calibration or the ability to continue your cut afterwards. The Kit is designed, manufactured, assembled & tested in-house.


Designed for Heavier Industrial Operations. Reinforces structural strength and reduces table vibration. Recommended if you should decide to greatly increase the weight of your production sheets. The Supports are designed, manufactured, professionally painted in-house & come with the necessary fasters to lock them in.


Each STV®CNC Plasma Table is tested, certified and offers a Guaranteed 1 year Warranty. This warranty covers all the Electronic Components, Motors and Frame of the CNC table. Additional Years of Warranty are available.


Along with your Warranty you also have our Dedicated Customer Support and Troubleshooting if you should come across any technicalities along the way. Our Lifetime Support follows the table even if you should sell it to another. Alongside our Helpful knowledgeable staff, you will also have access to our Facebook Group of STV®CNC Plasma Table owners who have together built a helpful community of helpful tips and tricks along the way.

This is the end of the Base Model Features. The items shown below are additional products one can add to their order.

Upgrades for the STVCNC Plasma Table

Upgrades: You can add these items below to customize your CNC Plasma Table.


Recommended if you would like to decrease the amount of dust/debris produced by your table, preserve your water pans & avoid any oxidation. The Blue Anti-Rust Solution will be sent to you in a 5 Gallon Bucket with an Instruction Label to follow upon use.

For a STV®CNC Plasma Quench Guide,  click here: Plasma Quench User’s Guide


On a daily use, Proximity Sensors make “Homing the Table” fast, easy and worry-free. To increase time efficiency we’ve produced an in-house STV®CNC Automatic Homing Kit. Two Proximity Sensors Included with cabling, brackets, fasteners, control box connectors and a manual to automatically set your table to X=0, Y=0.


A new Windows 10 Laptop with Pre-installed Controller program. This brand new Windows 10 Laptop is dedicated for “function” and will arrive with Installed Software, Setup and USB Connectivity. Licenses will be included in this add-on feature. Laptop Make and Model may differ upon availability.


The STV®CNC Gear Reduction System are 3 (X, Y & S) separate mounted stepper motors with belt-driven gears to increase precision & gliding fluidity. Handcrafted Cable Wiring fastens into your Plasma Table. The Kit is designed, manufactured, assembled & tested in-house.

 Click here for the Standard VS Gear Reduction Comparison Chart.


Includes Inner Support Brackets, Fasteners and Swivel Screw base. For any floor plan leveling issues, our skid-resistant leveling feet will come in handy on keeping a leveled table on your production grounds. Attaches to your STV®CNC Frame legs; raise or drop within a 2” inch range to your desired height.

Hypertherm Cutting System add-on for the STVCNC Plasma Table

Hypertherm® Plasma Systems: Maximize Your Cutting Performance.

Hypertherm® 45XP

1/2” INCH PIERCE. Meet the newest member of the best-selling line of Powermax® portable plasma systems. The Powermax45® XP plasma cutter delivers increased cut capacity – up to 16 mm (5/8”) metal – as well as faster cut speeds, and automatic gas adjustment for quick, simple setup and operation.

( 1/2″ inch pierce )  VIEW PDF 

Hypertherm® 65

5/8″ INCH PIERCE. The Powermax65® plasma system is a versatile machine for heavy-duty cutting and gouging in demanding environments. Designed to maximize uptime and productivity, the system offers the latest technological innovations, such as Smart Sense™ technology to automatically adjust the gas pressure. 

( 5/8″ inch pierce ) VIEW PDF

Hypertherm® 85

3/4″ INCH PIERCE. The premier system for cutting 25 mm (1″), the Powermax85® has the same features and options as the Powermax65®, but with more power from an output current of 85 amps. Designed to maximize uptime and productivity, the system offers the latest technological innovations, such as Smart Sense™ technology to automatically adjust the gas pressure.

( 3/4″ inch pierce ) VIEW PDF

Hypertherm® 105

7/8″ INCH PIERCE. The Powermax105® plasma system has the duty cycle and performance needed for tough industrial cutting and gouging jobs. Delivering superior cut capabilities on 32 mm (1-1/4″) thick metals, it also offers the latest technological innovations, such as Smart Sense™ technology to automatically adjust the gas pressure.

( 7/8″ inch pierce ) VIEW PDF

Hypertherm® 125

1″ INCH PIERCE. Delivering maximum power and performance for air plasma, the Powermax125® plasma system cuts thick metals fast. Able to make short work of the toughest cutting and gouging jobs, the system offers a 100% duty cycle, a 25 mm (1″) mechanized pierce capability, and fast gouging metal removal. It also gives you the latest technological innovations, such as Smart Sense™ technology to automatically adjust the gas pressure.

( 1″ inch pierce ) VIEW PDF

Adapters for the STVCNC Plasma Table

Adapters: Supplemental options if you currently own a plasma system.


Select “ONLY” if you are an existing Hypertherm® Plasma System Owner & require a CPC cable. If you purchase a Plasma Table with us & decide to use your personal plasma system or decide to purchase one elsewhere, you will need to purchase this item to connect your plasma system to the STV®CNC Control Box. If you do decide to use a different brand of plasma cutter outside of Hypertherm®, please contact us at 1-888-701-7101 to ensure CPC cable compatibility. 

Hypertherm® Machine Torch


Select “ONLY” if you are an existing Hypertherm® Plasma System Owner & require a Mechanized Torch. This Hypertherm® Item is 25 feet in length. Duramax full-length machine torches work with a wide variety of CNC cutting tables, track cutters, and pipe-cutters. If you are adding a Hypertherm® unit to your order, there is no need to add this item, as a mechanized torch is included with the unit.

Hypertherm® 25ft Hand Torch


Select “ONLY” if you are an existing Hypertherm® Plasma System Owner & require a Hand Torch. The 25 foot Duramax® 75° hand torch is well suited for a variety of applications such as gouging, fine feature cutting, extended reach cutting, and flush cutting. The ergonomic design of the 75° torch is perfect for normal cutting. You can also add this to your order if you would like the ability to perform custom handheld cuts outside the use of your table’s mechanized torch.