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STV®CNC 5×10 Welding Fixture Table 3/16″ thick


5×10 FIXTURE TABLES; 3/16″ THICKNESS. 5×10 Fully Welded Fixture Tables. The LASER-CUT STV®CNC 5/8″ inch hole fab table setup is a heavy-duty build and is the ideal workshop assistant in getting the job done with vast amount of holes for tooling. Engineered with Japanese minimal finger joint edging and custom inner bracing, the table is shipped welded & assembled; Any Connector Kit or Casters sold separately. Your Factory-Direct purchase today supports Real American Fabrication Jobs. No assembly required for this product. Important: Call 1-888-701-7101 to calculate Shipping Distance.

IMPORTANT: Since the shipping of our fully welded fixture tables is individually calculated upon Freight Distance, before purchase, please contact us at 1-888-701-7101 about Shipping and Delivery Requirements.

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Your STV®CNC FX10 Fixture Table base model comes with:

The FX Fixture Table Series is the Welded Tube Frame Production Platform for Fabrication shops and is backed by our in-house High Watermark Standards. Below are FX10 Fixture Table features:

TABLE TOP ( Click to Expand )

➤ Table Envelope: 10′ (L) x 5′ (W)

➤ Dimensions: 120” (L) x 60” (W) x 38” (H)

➤ Assembled Weld-Ready Table Top (No Assembly Required)

➤ Top Surface Area: 50 ft²

➤ Material: Carbon Steel

➤ Steel plate: 3/16″ thickness 

 Square table with 2,520 holes for tooling

 Hole Diameter: 5/8″ mounting holes for tooling

 Hole Distance: 2″ inch (center to center)

 Smooth, non-threaded bore holes (easy clean, no grime)

➤ The laser cut top’s inner bracing is strengthened with japanese-like, minimal finger joint edging, assembled, welded together with inner mortise-tenon bracing supports 

FRAME ( Click to Expand )

Welded, 3″ inch Tube Frame with 3/16″ wall ( No Assembly Required )

Welded, 3″ Lower Leg Brace Tube Supports for rigidity

➤ 5 Tubular Legs for Strength & Support

5th center leg support with leveling feet in center of table to prevent sagging.

➤ Adjustable, Heavy-duty Leveling feet for 5 legs (4″ inch range)

FLATNESS ( Click to Expand )

We do not measure flatness, but we do take pride in producing high quality products that last; (not Cast Iron, Machined or Certified Flat.) We source our material from Steel Sheet suppliers with industry standards. We laser-cut our mild steel sheets in-house with a tight tolerance for output. Our Fixture tables are then fabricated by welding the table together making sure we square the table’s top, corners, edges & sides. Along with this, we have included a 5th center leg support with leveling feet to prevent center sagging.

MAINTENANCE ( Click to Expand )

Table Top & Frame: Maintain your fixture table & wipe down with WD-40 and scouring pads regularly. You can spray WD-40 across your table, attach scouring pads to a palm sander; sand across and wipe with a rag when finished.

Surface: Remove any debris or excess spatter by running a Scraper in different angles across the surface of your fixture table.

Holes: Scrape the spatter out of the inner edges of any holes with a Scraper as well.

Hole grime: Use a wire brush to clean the bores by hand or you can attach a wire brush to a electric/battery operated drill to run your wirebrush for a faster cleaning method.

ATTENTION ( Click to Expand )

Raw Table: These laser-cut Fixture Tables are a fabricator’s base, ready to begin modding. The Fixture Tables are shipped fully welded and raw, unpainted with markings/scratches and possibly may show minimal signs of corrosion. Ready for any line of modifications.

Recommended: We recommend purchasing the “Locking Casters”add-on we offer for easy in-shop mobility

About our Fixture Tables: Quality through In-house Engineered Concepts. This Magnet-Ready Metal Fabrication Workbench is a laser-cut basic raw fixture table great for metal fabrication in MIG welding, TIG welding, ARC welding, butt joints, tube and pipe welding, truck customization, grinding, car restoration and jig building as well. Also great for building gates, fences, stairs and balcony ironworks. Save time by setting up to tack parts together and it conforms to standard clamps, brackets, pins, square stops, spacers, magnet positioners, workholds & one can even WELD ONTO THIS TABLE as needed and is Ready for Full Fab Modifications.

PAYMENT ( Click to Expand )


TAXES: If you reside in the State of Nevada, you will be charged Nevada Sales Tax. Sales tax will not be added to orders if the purchaser resides outside of the State of Nevada.

PAY BY PHONE: We can take a payment via phone. We’ll follow thru to provide you with a “paid in full receipt” and confirm the shipping address before sending the purchase order into production.

PAY BY INVOICE: We can send you an interactive invoice of the items requested where you can tap on the “Pay Now” Tab to proceed with a Credit card, Venmo, Amazon Pay, PayPal or Wire transfer.

REQUEST AN ESTIMATE: We can send you an estimate price quote prepared of the items requested.

PAY ONLINE: There are products on our website that require lead time check and/or calculation of flatbed hotshot trucking distance to your location. A full online experience will not be possible, one will have to call 1-888-701-7101 to verify your order’s details.

PAY VIA SCHOOL/GOVT/UTILITY: For Public Universities, Schools, Government agencies & Utilities, please provide your Purchase Order with Net30 Terms along with your vendor package. 

PAY VIA FINANCING: We also via third-party offer financing for your purchase. One can quickly apply for financing and be approved in as little as 3 minutes. Read more


SHIPPING ( Click to Expand )

All STV®CNC FX10 Fixture Tables are shipped fully built to your location via Flatbed Hotshot Shipping. The “Distance Cost & Handling” will need to be determined before full purchase, check with your Sales Agent at 1-888-701-7101 to complete your order’s details.

OPTION 1: PICKUP. Dimensions: L:10′ x W:5′ x H:38″. You have the free option of picking up your item, available at our facility. Schedule with your Sales agent for Pickup Day/Time. For “Self Pickup” please have ready “TARPS & STRAPS” for securing and protecting your load against the elements.  An ideal flatbed trailer “without fenders” will work. Any concerns on your trailer meeting requirements, please confirm with your sales agent for further details.

6160 N. Hollywood Blvd. #110, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA 89115   MAP ▶

OPTION 2: SHIP. Call 1-888-701-7101 to Calculate Continental U.S. Shipping of Distance Cost & Handling. Check with your Sales Agent on this. Flatbed Hotshot Shipping. A Forklift will be required at your location upon delivery for unloading. Excludes Hawaii, Alaska & Puerto Rico (see “Sea Freight” below).



Any of the next 5 scenarios may apply in the shipping of your item.

01. COMMERCIAL DELIVERY: Check with your Sales Agent for your order’s shipping details.
02. LIMITED ACCESS: Check with your Sales Agent for your order’s shipping details.
03. RESIDENTIAL DELIVERY: Check with your Sales Agent for your order’s shipping details.
04. LIFTGATE: Check with your Sales Agent for your order’s shipping details.
05. SEA FREIGHT – For International orders, you will need to cover U.S. Ground Shipping from Las Vegas to the Port of your choice. After that, you will need to organize your choice of Sea Freight to pick up at that port and have it shipped to your location. If you have a moment, search for Sea Freights to your location and inform us with the Port location we will be shipping to within the U.S. and we can go from there.
What happens at DROP OFF?
The Flatbed Hotshot Shipping will deliver your table to the location you provided. Please advise your STV®CNC Sales Representative with any delays, gate codes, special entry requirements or deadlines that might hinder or prevent delivery attempts.  Please check the table before Delivery is completed to ensure no damages were incurred during transportation. Please make sure you have a forklift and two (2) long 4×4 long wooden beams to side-unload your table from the delivery flatbed truck.
How do you SHIP your Fixture Tables?
We have a couple different ground Flatbed Hotshot Shipping carriers. The shipped fixture table ships with straps and tarps to protect it against the elements during transportation. Pickup at our Facility is also an available option.
Do you ship to Canada, Dubai, Hawaii, Mexico or International?
To an extent; For International orders or locations out of the Continental United States, you will need to cover U.S. Ground Shipping from Las Vegas to the Port or Terminal of your choice. After that, you will need to organize your choice of Ground or Sea Container Freight to pick up at that port and have it shipped to your location. If you have a moment, search for sea freight carriers to your location and inform us with the Port location we will be shipping to within the U.S. and we can go from there. You will be required to delegate the international brokerage and fees.
➤  Can I pick up my Fixture Table at the Terminal?
Potentially, depending on your location and whether or not you have a truck or trailer able to pull 1250 to 2100 lbs. of weight (depending on the Fixture Table size you purchased.) Check with your sales agent for trailer fitting.

FACTORY-DIRECT. We pride ourselves in managing and organizing the output of our Fixture Tables as they roll off our Factory Production Line. Get your order in today to be queued up for Production and Delivery. Up to date lead times are available by calling your STV® Team Member at 1-888-701-7101.



Welding Fixture Table

Welding Fixture Table

LIGHT INDUSTRIAL RATED – 3/16″ INCH THICK. Introducing the robust and reliable Factory-Direct 3/16″ inch thick welding table, designed to elevate your welding experience beyond hobby-level projects. With its sturdy build and impressive 5′ x 10′ dimensions, this welding table is tailored for light industrial projects, offering a rigid base that’s perfect for clamping, building jigs, and even serving as a production line base platform. Crafted from raw steel and left unpainted, this table requires only leg and leveling feet assembly, providing you with a durable, unperturbed workspace.

One of the standout advantages of this table is its enhanced strength. The 3/16″ thickness can effortlessly handle more substantial materials and larger workpieces, making it the go-to choice for light industrial tasks. Additionally, the 5/8″ inch hole spacing remains versatile, allowing for secure positioning of various components, while the increased thickness adds stability and durability, ensuring your projects are executed with precision.

Incentives abound when opting for the 3/16″ thickness table over its 1/8″ counterpart. The increased thickness not only grants you the ability to tackle heavier materials but also provides a more stable foundation for intricate welding jobs. Furthermore, its robustness and rigidity make it an ideal choice for those looking to build custom jigs and fixtures for repetitive work, promoting efficiency and consistency in your projects. Whether you’re clamping, welding, or assembling, the Factory-Direct 3/16″ inch welding table sets the stage for a more versatile and capable welding workspace, perfect for light industrial endeavors.


These STV®CNC add-ons are additional accessories that one can customize and upgrade their table. Clicking on the accordion buttons below you will see product image, description and additional assisting documents that apply.


We Recommend adding “Locking Casters” to your Fixture Table model for ease of in-shop mobility.

The Locking Casters for 4×8/5×10 Fixture Tables come with:

➤ (4) Non-marking, Swivel 6″ inch Caster Wheels with Floor Lock Brakes

➤ (4) Industrial Double Steel Plate bases for Casters (Bolted & Welded)

*Near the “Add to Cart” Button (at the top of this page) check the box for “Locking Casters” to add a set of casters to your order.





Las Vegas is home to our STV®CNC family of dedicated staff members. We would love to have you see our 50,000 sq. ft. Headquarter Operations. CLICK HERE TO BOOK A TOUR.


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